Cleaning your UGG’S…

In the winter months, my family and I are all about wearing UGGs . It’s been my old faithful for eons and now with all their new styles to choose from, I always come back for more. My husband loved them so much that back in the day he would send a pair to family and friends as Christmas gifts. But my gosh do they get dirty! So, instead of throwing them away or sending them off to the dry cleaners to get cleaned for $35 a pop, I knew there had to be a no-fuss solution to clean them.

Here’s what you’ll need… Dry dish brush, a white eraser, distilled white vinegar

1️⃣ With your dry dish brush, brush off any excess dirt that might still be stuck on the boot 2️⃣ Use your white eraser to remove scuff marks from the edges of the sole 3️⃣ Mix 1/2 cup of water and a 1/2 cup of vinegar into a bowl 4️⃣ Submerge a face towel into the solution and wring it out well so the face towel is damp. You do not want to get your boot soaking wet 5️⃣ Start to lightly scrub your boot, focusing on the stained area 6️⃣ Let it dry overnight.

NO FUSS MAMA TIP: If you are cleaning your tall boot, stuff them with some dishtowels to keep them upright.

Not sure why I hadn’t thought about doing this sooner!


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