The Magical Craft Kit

I recently shared how Mabel is becoming quite the craft aficionado. So much so that I put together a craft kit so we are ready whenever inspiration strikes! To be completely honest, having everything organized and in one place has definitely increased the frequency of Mabel’s artistic moments. Good clean fun that keeps little minds and hands busy?! I would call that a parental win. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!

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Squooshi Giveaway…

Awhile back I wrote a post about these amazing DIY reusable snack pouches. Well, Squooshi has been kind enough to share the love with my readers, so now we are doing a giveaway!! We are giving away The Family Starter Kit that provides…

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One Ingredient Ice Cream…

Summer is in full swing and hands down I have to say, it’s been a really great one so far. So wonderfully great that this mommy has eased up the reigns a bit on our usual healthier eating habits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to deprive my children of sweets, because I believe everything in moderation. But in saying that, my moderation meter may be slightly prejudiced toward frozen sweet treats this time of year! We are in sunny California after all, and these fun warm days just beg for some good ole ice cream every now and again.

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Adventures in… Los Angeles…

My husband is back at work and as a rule if he’s gone longer than two weeks the whole family packs up and goes along with him. So that definitely went into play when we found out he was doing two back to back films on the west coast. A total of two months away from our beloved East coast. But what’s not to like about an adventure in California? We gladly packed our bags and were very excited about the prospect to be on the west coast for the summer. While Bruce is working away the girls and I are playing! Luckily he gets to join us for some fun too, but only on the weekends.

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Products, fashion, and design

Shop With Me…

Since becoming a busy mama of two, I’ve become an expert on-line shopper. Why? Because it’s fast and easy! Take a peek at my favorite products ranging from stuff for kids to beauty essentials, fashion and food. These are my favorite items of the moment.

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Beauty Products

CocoBaba by Emma Heming Willis

Cocobaba is a natural vegan cosmetic line for both moms and moms-to-be created entirely from coconut oil, helping you to say bye-bye to stretch marks and improve the skin you’re in.

Currently only available in the EU, but stay tuned as the stork will soon be delivering it to a market near you.

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