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February 27, 2017


Dinner for Breakfast

You know those nights when you just can’t think of anything to make or you just don’t feel like cooking? We’ve all been there. You can’t really plop a bowl of cereal down for your kids even though it’s tempting. And hey, no judgment on my part if you have!

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February 13, 2017


Spreading Love…

With Valentine’s Day upon us, where it’s all about romantic dinners and flowers, love and spending time with that important someone, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind ourselves that…

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February 09, 2017


Handmade Valentine’s Cards…

I’m old fashioned in the sense that I love stationery and sending cards to family and friends for any reason. I’m trying to instill that value in my kids by getting them…

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January 17, 2017


A Healthy Glow

Highlighting is still the preferred choice for that healthy-looking glow. I’ve taken it off my daily make-up routine and have taken a different path with even better results!

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January 05, 2017


Anti-Constipation Gummy Bears…

Everybody poops, but maybe not as frequently as we’re meant to, though being “regular” depends on the individual. I remember speaking to a nutritionist once who told me that we should be going three times a day, or after every meal. What?!

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