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I have not been shy sharing my LOVE and adoration for Thrive Market. If you haven’t heard the glorious scoop and want to learn more, check out my previous post HERE . Thrive Market embodies three important attributes I truly value as a busy Mom. The first being #NoFuss!! I like to keep things easy and as stress-free as possible. Let me tell you there’s nothing easier than ordering from Thrive Market online and what’s more no-fuss then getting your products delivered to your doorstep? No holiday shopping parking lot nightmares for me! Second thing I adore about Thrive Market is the types of products they sell. Healthy and organic amazingness for 25-50% off of retail price, which ties into my third favorite Thrive Market attribute, affordability. If you haven’t checked out Thrive Market yet, I think it might be time. (check out my previous Thrive Market post for a link to get a FREE jar of organic coconut oil with your first purchase)

Thrive Market is not only one of my favorite online shopping venues, but they also have a FAB blog  that is loaded with recipes to support a healthy lifestyle. Today I’m sharing three of my favorite recipes that are perfect for the holiday season…

Post Thanksgiving Tonic

It is so easy to overeat during the holidays. Pie for breakfast happens and so does the sour stomach that goes along with the over indulging on the extra eats. This magical elixir is the answer to your belly woes. The great part is that you can prepare ahead and have this delectable digestif at the ready.

1/3 cup

fresh mint leaves

2 Tbs

raw honey

2 3/4 cups

boiling water, divided

1/4 cup

lemon juice

1 Tbs

lemon zest

2 bags

chamomile tea

Chamomile flowers (optional)

Sparkling water


Combine mint leaves, honey, and 1 ¼ cups boiling water in a large glass or jar. Stir in lemon juice. Let infuse and set aside to cool. Fill half of an ice cube tray with mixture, and divide mint leaves evenly between each mold. Add lemon zest on top of the mint. Set aside.

In a separate large glass or jar, combine chamomile tea and a small handful of flowers, if using, with 1 ½ cups boiling water. Let infuse and set aside to cool. Discard tea bags and fill the other half of the ice cube tray with mixture.

Freeze 6 hours or overnight. When ready to serve, place a couple of mint and chamomile ice cubes into glasses and top off with sparkling water.

The Ultimate!

The Ultimate Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Taking my #NoFuss Mama approach into consideration, this recipe is more of a How-To create an entertaining showstopper without having to do any heavy lifting. Ha! Cheese and charcuterie boards are perfect for entertaining at your home or even if you have to bring a plate to potluck. Cheese and charcuterie boards are a feast for the eyes and ultimately our bellies! They are all about balance of color, textures and variety of flavors. There as so many ways you can put together Cheese and charcuterie board and honestly, there isn’t a right or wrong way. That’s why I really liked this particular Thrive Market post as it gives you some basic guidelines for making your own version of perfection.


Let’s be real: the cheese is the main attraction. While tempting, try not to go too crazy on cheese choices. Instead, stick with about four great ones. Ideally, you want one from each of the four main cheese categories: aged, firm, soft, and blue. Below, we listed a nice variety you should be able to find at most markets. If you’re feeling lost, talk to your local cheesemonger.

Pro tip: Slice all but the soft cheeses ahead of time to make it easier on your guests.


Aged cheddar









Chevre (goat cheese)



Danish blue


Remember the most important rule: quality over quantity. Find a specialty market or deli near you and, again, stick to four flavorful meats to balance out your cheese choices.

Here are a handful of popular charcuterie choices:


Serrano ham






Spreads and Dips

A touch of sweet (honey) can go beautifully with blue cheese. Or, after indulging on brie and fresh fruit, a savory olive bruschetta can be a welcome flavor change-up.

Jams, spreads, and dips elevate a charcuterie board and allow guests to experiment with flavor combinations (brie + sour cherry spread + baguette are particularly good). Pick one or two.

Sour cherry spread  

Fig spread

Green Olive Spread 



Pick a simple starch for your board, so as not to overpower the flavors of the meat and cheese. Keep it simple, and pick one of the following breads or crackers.


Gluten-free Mary’s Gone Crackers

Stoneground wheat crackers

Almond crackers


Again, there’s no wrong way to do this, but there is a better way, and that includes extra touches like pickled vegetables, briny olives, roasted nuts, or fresh fruit—just limit yourself to two or three.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives  



Sliced apples


Arrange everything on a wooden serving board , and voila—you have a ready-made hors d’oeuvre platter in minutes, no cooking required.

Brown Rice Porridge with Roasted Blueberries

Last but not least we have a delicious tummy-warming breakfast that is perfect for cooler weather. Brown rice porridge is like a lighter version of rice pudding. It has all the creamy richness of the classic dessert, without any sugar or dairy.


For the porridge:
1 cup

sprouted brown rice

3 1/2 cups

almond milk

1 tsp

vanilla extract


sea salt

Cook the porridge

Rinse brown rice in cold water. Add rice,  milk, vanilla, and salt to a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer, stirring occasionally, until tender and the mixture resembles a soft pudding, about 35 to 45 minutes.

Roast the blueberries

Meanwhile, toss together the blueberries, honey, lemon, and salt in a baking sheet and roast at 375 degrees for 15 minutes until the blueberries release their juices.

Divide porridge between bowls, stir in honey to taste, and top with roasted blueberries.


So there you go! Three totally awesome recipes from the equally awesome Thrive Market. Great prices and great products delivered to your doorstep. Clearly, I’m a fan! Please try the above recipes and let me know how they turn out. I would LOVE to see any holiday party cheese and charcuterie boards and platters you put together. Post them to Instagram with the hashtag  #Cheese&charuterie so I can check them out!!

Emma xx

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