5 Healthy Activities you can enjoy with your family this summer.

As temperature and humidity start to rise this season, it’ll be so nice to take advantage of the warm, bright weather to bond and unwind with the family. The need for regular mask wear and social distancing should not hinder your family from having memorable times in the great outdoors. I think at this stage in the game, we all know how to navigate around safely and respectfully.

Encouraging our children to participate in some outdoorsy activities is great for their health. Researchers say children who spend less time outside are at risk of developing mental health issues such as anxiety.

To engage your family in this month of May that has been tagged “Family Wellness Month,” we’ll drop some family-friendly, adrenaline-fueled activities to engage your family mentally, physically, and socially.

5 amazing activities for family wellness

Below are some child-friendly recreation that everyone will love.

Bicycle Riding

Cycling on a bike remains one of the best ways to create outdoor entertainment for everyone in your family. Kids and bicycles have an age-long connection, so they’ll always welcome bike rides.

Bicycle riding is good for the heart, muscles, and joints. Also, it helps to burn calories. Little wonder it is a crowd-pleaser.

Plan your calendar this month to include cycling round trails in your location. Get the appropriate bicycles and gears for your family and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with riding a bicycle.


Art is a superb way of improving your children’s knowledge, innovativeness, analytical strength, and comprehension skills. Engaging your children in practices such as painting helps to develop their cognitive functions while improving their self-esteem.

To get started, get some painting supplies. Choose a good outdoor spot where you can set up and create magic on canvas.


A popular saying goes, “A family that eats together, stays together.” And that’s why we never undermine the importance of a picnic .

Picnicking will not only give you an ample supply of Vitamin D from the sun but will help your family get a breather. Picnics are essential for a mental health boost too. You also might find it easier to communicate better with your family in a calmer and more serene space.

To get more fun in the sun with your family, including kids, you can create some kid-friendly picnic games.


The benefits of hiking are uncountable. Participating in hiking with your family will help unravel new trails or rediscover old routes. Hiking with family is an inexpensive way to break out in some sweat while bonding with your family. We love hiking because it is an effective way to appreciate the greenery around us while escaping the commotion of our everyday lives.

Walking a mile or less

Walking is easily one of the favorite pastimes of many families. Taking long walks in the morning or after dinner is an all-around wellness activity. For us, walking represents fun, fresh air, and fitness. The pandemic and the restrictions that come with it leaves us locked in our houses. It is key that we break away from the sedentary lifestyle that has become our new normal.

A casual stroll around your neighborhood will boost the release of  endorphins – hormones that put you in a happy mood. Walking is an easy and fun family hobby that you should consider adding to your family routine this month.

Tips for having wholesome family time outside

To ensure that you have a worthwhile time outside, make a checklist of everything you and your family will be needing.

Here are a few outdoor essentials we recommend;

  • Snacks to keep energy levels up.
  • Water for hydration.
  • A broad-spectrum SPF for adults and kids to ward off the UVB rays of the sun
  • Prescription medication to treat bug bites, allergies, and minor injuries
  • Adhesive strips to cover minor injuries
  • Spray for bugs.
  • A backpack
  • Gears for designated activities.

We understand that families get busy with important activities and may not have time to jet out for some family time. Engaging in healthy practices in the open air is a simple way to build family connections, ease stress, exercise, and boost kids’ (and your) mental health. If you haven’t participated in any out-of-doors activity in a long while, now is the perfect time to start.

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