A Not So Great First…

With all the exciting firsts happening in Evelyn’s life, the one I was not looking forward to was her first cold. But it’s inevitable. At 8 months Evelyn caught a very bad cold. And I’m not just talking the sniffles but a terrible cough as well. Have you ever heard a baby cough? It’s very scary. Talk about feeling helpless.

Now clearly I’m not recreating the wheel but here are a few things I do to help keep my kids as comfortable as I can when they are under the weather. Because there’s really only so much you can do. And maybe this post could help a new mom. I know I needed all the tips/advice I could get (and still do) when they aren’t well.

Clearly I’m not recreating the wheel...

Boogie Wipes : I prefer using this to dry Kleenex. Boogie Wipes are moist and much softer on their delicate noses.

Baby Vicks : I rub a little on their chest or back and foot bottom with socks at night. Make sure its the baby brand and not the one for grown-ups. The baby version is much milder for their sensitive airways.

Vicks Humidifier : I turn this on at night. The warm mist and aroma of Vicks in the air helps with their stuffy nose. Not to mention the smell in the air brings me back to my own childhood!

Saline : I spray this prior to using the Nose Frida

Nose Frida : Now I don’t know a child that loves having the snot sucked out of their nose. And most times with my two year old it turns into an Olympic sport. But this instrument is key.

Forehead Thermometer : I find this so easy to use especially with my obsessive temperature taking problem.

I elevate her crib mattress by using a rolled up towel underneath. Who wants to be flat on their back when you have so much mucus floating around in your head. During the course of the night Evelyn would slide down the mattress a little so it’s not the perfect technique but it does help initially. But who am I kidding, for the most part, these kids are in our bed when they aren’t well. I can keep a good hawk eye on them all night.

And of course lots of cuddles and kisses.


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Cindy Wheeler says:

I also have used all these. When I was little my mom would rub Vicks on my chest and place a wash cloth over it, I guess so it wouldn’t rub off or something…so of course I do that too to my boys. The nose sucky is quite the hassle, especially when they turn their head to the side after realizing what it’s used for, but I would definitely recommend it because it’s the only way to get those boogies out, especially when they really don’t know how to blow their nose yet. My 5 yr old just got over having a slightly high fever and stuffy nose, it is one of the worst feelings in the world when our babies are sick even though we do all we can to keep them comfortable.
I always look forward to reading your blogs Emma 🙂
Feel free to follow me on instagram: claw1975
Have a great day and I hope that your babies are feeling better!

Emily says:

i remember thinking that boogie wipes were just a gimmick – wrong! They are awesome 🙂 nice for little noses. We do saline spray nightly to keep nasal passages irrigated even when my kids aren’t sick. Colds are no fun! My first baby didn’t get sick til 8 months…with my second, 4 months! Hope everyone is feeling well!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you. We are all doing much better. But it was a tough few weeks with everyone getting sick one after the other :/

Rosetta Patafie says:

Hi emma! Yes so true the kids we’re always in our bed too. It was so much easier for me too – I could rest a little easier 🙂 the baby Vicks really helps too. Hope she’s feeling better. xo

Emma Heming Willis says:

Luckily her cold has passed but it was a real nasty one! It’s hard for me to rest if they aren’t right next to me too!

Michelle says:

There is nothing scarier than a poorly baby. I remember our daughter having her first cold at just two weeks. She wasn’t too bad with it, but we were on the phone to the doctors constantly! I have always used Vicks as well, on her chest and feet. I used Ulbas Oil (spelling?) a few times, but it was a little too strong I thought. She is eleven now but when she was smaller I used to sleep with her, to make sure she was okay. Now she is bigger, I have been known to sleep on her floor just so I’m there. I love your blog, Emma. I wish it had been around when I was a new mum. Keep up the good work. Xx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Yes I used that oil too! But in fact I sprinkle a little on a tissue and would set it outside the crib so they can’t get their hands on it. I forgot about that! (oops)
Yes it is Very strong so a little goes a long way.
I can’t imagine how scary that must have been to have your two week old sick!
Thank you for writing in and the compliment 🙂 xx

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma. I know what you mean when you talk about babies having an awful cough. My son had severe asthma when he was little. His first six months we had a tent around his crib and breathing monitors that would go off all the time. We had to do breathing treatments around the clock. I don’t think I slept for the first couple of months. Our pediatrician had us use diluted eucalyptus oil on a paper towel. It worked really well most of the time. I will have to try the boogie wipes on my granddaughter. I hadn’t heard of them before. I wish I would have had something like this when my boys were little. The support of other moms ( and grandmothers lol ) and the pool of information is priceless. Things have changed a lot since my boys were babies. There are so many new things out there now. This is a great blog you have started Emma. Keep up the great work.

Emma Heming Willis says:

That sounds absolutely terrifying! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been. Poor baby and poor Mommy!!
I used peppermint oil actually as well. That was great. I’ll try Eucalyptus oil too.
Thanks for writing in and sharing. I’m happy you are enjoying the blog. I’m enjoying it too 🙂

Julia-Selina says:

Oh, the poor little mouse. Get Well Soon!

How’s Mabel?

My mother gives me a mixture of honey and onions, should be good for the cough. I’m a little sick and coughing makes me insane. But I know not whether it is also good for small children. Just ask the pediatrician.

Otherwise, it goes like this:

Take a small onion and chop finely. The whole mix with a tablespoon of honey in a glass and let stand overnight. Not in the fridge!

Kiss and Hugs Julia

Emma Heming Willis says:

Sounds like as interesting remedy! I’ll try it on my husband first and see what he thinks :):) xxx

Kathleen says:

A walking infirmary in our achoo-central house – me, my mom, my honey, his son – and using all of the same things! Vicks was great as a kid and use the cream version today – warm mommy memories of a little beng placed in a tissue to smell. You are using saline on little ones – I am helping my mom with it – full circle in life. Hope you are all nice & warm inside today. Sun finally appearing!

Kate says:

Hi Emma,
It’s so sweet to hear about different Mom’s go to’s when they are carefully comforting their little ones. I thought I’d share my favorite Vicks alternative (while I’ve heard Vicks works, it also has some pretty icky chemicals) there is a company in Canada called Living Libations, their Immune Illume Breathing Balm is my go to for the whole family. Your youngest might have to wait a couple more months but I think you can use just a little bit on her. It is our little miracle jar. And it has the added bonus of being totally natural. I hope it is something you find helpful (the liquid is great too, just a drop or two in bath with some coconut oil)
All the best to you and your family,

Emma Heming Willis says:

YES! There is SO many chemicals. It’s just one of those old time family favs. Hard to kick!
Thank you for this alternative! I will order this
xx And I love using coconut oil. One of my favorites

Audrey says:

Hi :). I like to keep lollipops on hand -(dumdums). My kids are older and not only do they help an irritated throat but it’s a treat too. I can recall another mom not liking my idea…the same mom found her daughter’s sugar too low at Dr appt because some kids when sick don’t want to eat. I keep power aid on hand too…different flavors they like to mix them. I keep everything within arms reach of my sick kids so they can lay in bed and be comfortable. My daughter if not running a temp loves me to give her a warm relaxing bath. I always wash the linens once they are on the mend to make bed feel fresh again and cootie free! 🙂
I love fall and winter but really wish they could arrive without sickness 🙁


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