International Babywearing Week…

I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without reposting this for International BabyWearing Week. I have such fond memories of wearing both my babies. Luckily I’m still about to wear Evelyn. And here’s a new update since this post was written.. With Evelyn being 17 months we are both really loving Sakura Blooms slings . She’s happy to be on my hip and see what’s happening in all directions! Happy Baby Wearing…..

I stopped breastfeeding Evelyn when she was 3.5 months. So I’ve had to find other ways to get my up close and personal time in with her especially now since she is on the move. Having breastfed Mabel till over the age of two and co-sleeping with her, I really got my fair share of that precious cuddle time in. That wasn’t the route I was able to take with my second so I started to get serious about babywearing.

When Evelyn was a newborn I was introduced to the  Baby K’Tan , which I really loved. It helped with her reflux and settling her during the witching hour. Also, I could have two hands free and readily available for my then two year old. Now that Evelyn is older I’ve gone back to my old faithful. The Ergo . She faces inwards (belly to belly) and I get to kiss and snuggle her as much as I like even when I can tell she’s getting a bit annoyed by it. I can’t help myself! Don’t you just want to eat them up?!

I think its trial and error when it comes to finding the one that works best for you...

There are so many terrific baby carriers on the market these days. From Sakura Blooms ring slings to stretching wraps to Mei Tai’s. I think its trial and error when it comes to finding the one that works best for you. But as our friend’s grandmother said “There’s a cup for every saucer.”

Here’s a site I found that gives plenty of information on babywearing and all the different types of carriers.

What is your favorite baby carrier? And for the mom’s with busy babies how do you get your cuddle time in?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Liskula says:

I agree the ergo is fantastic. My now 3 year old called it “Mommy’s baby tshirt”, and used to go to my room and get it and ask me to put her in it. I tried the baby ktan, and a ring sling, but none were as natural feeling as the ergo.

Emma Heming Willis says:

When Evelyn sees the Ergo come out she gets very excited by it, lol

Julia-Selina says:

Dera Emma,

I find the slings for babies not bad. Will pass on to my sister in law. I have to just imagine my brother, we he carries his daughter in such a cloth. Only once mentioned that he is a big man with plenty of muscle. * laughs *

If one day I mother, I do that too.

Thank you so much for the great blog. Here you may also not have any parents, to learn something.

Kiss and Hugs Julia ^_^

KC says:

Again love the info on products advice! II have talk to some mothers who never had the experience of using baby slings etc. So i was wondering about the experience. I think it is definitely something i would love using. And like you said who does not want to cuddleclose and have there hands free. I was just concerned on how comfortable and safe it was for the baby. But by the looks of your adorable pics…your girls had no complaints. Please keep on giving product advice….it helps!
Just wondering is there any place on your blog where you can ask questions just to get some insight on various topics from you and other experienced moms. THanks


Emma Heming Willis says:

Hi KC…. My dream in to have that kind of community where you can ask questions and get advice on all parenting topics. One day!!
But I’m happy this post helped you. My kids loved being totted around 🙂

CJ says:

My wife loves our Ergo! Being a two mom family, it has let her carry our babies close after I had the first nine months. I could NEVER get it the Ergo to be comfortable for me. I dislike ring slings and wrapping was just too hot for my babies and I. I finally found a hybrid mei tai wrap that I love! It has a mei tai body, but wider wrap straps. I’ve worn it comfortably for 6-7 hours at a time and can easily nurse in it.

It is a trial and error, but once you find the one you love, it’s worth it!

Emma Heming Willis says:

That’s right. One size does not fit all. It’s about finding the one that works best for your body and baby. But once you get it, its golden. Thank you for sharing xx

Judit from Malta says:

Hello Emma,
With the first one we tried the Cybex uGo sling but he did not really liked it. Actually he freaked out all the time I tried to put him in.
With out second one we used the Manduca and both of the kids love it. Two years ago that was the only type that can hold up to 20 kg. Since then we bought one more.
Our first born is 3.5 years old and 16 kg and we still use it with him when we go for a long walk. He is on daddy’s back and our second born is on my back. (She is gonna be 2 in 10 days and 12 kg.)
But yes, these carriers are amazing when you have a lot to do and need both your hands to do the work. 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

Yes! These carriers make the world of difference 🙂

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