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Where did the summer goooooo?  It seems like just yesterday I was posting about summer almost being here  and it is already time to discuss back to school tactics?!? Suffice it to say I’m not ready, and if I’m not ready, I’m certain my kiddos aren’t ready for summer fun to end either. So what does a #nofuss Mama do to get her brood in the right frame of mind for school?  Below are my top tips for getting your family ready for the school year to start (parents, too!)

  1. It all starts with YOU: Make sure you are taking care of yourself. It is far too easy for us parents run ourselves into the ground with the everyday hustle and bustle of child rearing. Throw an  extra granola bar  in your purse. Make sure you have a water bottle for yourself in the car. Maybe it’s your turn for a little wind-down bath . Or what about a little home spa love with a scrub or hair mask
  2. The hands of time: I typically start getting used to the earlier sleep/wake-up schedule about a week before school starts. Slowly work up to it. It will help your kids as much as it helps you because it allows your family to gently get back into the school time mindset. Look for some new ways to wind down in the evenings. Check out this article that has some great yoga poses for kids that help them wind down.
  3. Get Dressed: I have them pick out their school clothes the night before so we eliminate the clothing battle as well as streamlining the morning get-out-the-door routine. This is something you can initiate before school starts as another way to get in the school year frame of mind. Work on small schedule adjustments that wind down summer and amp up the back to school routine.
  4. Attention Campers: Sign-up for a camp  a week or two before school starts to get them in the habit of getting up. Again, this is great for us parental units as well. We get back into the swing of packing lunches and being out the door. WARNING: Signing up for summer camp can be serious business. Do your best to plan ahead. Some summer camps have sign-ups in the spring and book completely. The good news is with some digging you can slide right in at the last minute as I just did that with Mabel this past week!
I typically start getting used to the earlier sleep/wake-up schedule about a week before school starts...
  • Start a tradition: Intertwine a little fun and reward into your back to school preparations. Start an annual family tradition. I have a friend who takes her girls to lunch and ice cream as part of their annual school shopping trip.
  • Talk it up: Talk about the classroom and the teacher. Make sure they feel comfortable and know his/her teacher’s name,etc. Put to rest any fear or worries related to the upcoming school year. I just bought a great book for my kids all about preschool to get them warmed up to it again.
  • Engage in the before school activities: Some schools will have a clean-up day where parents and students come and help ready the campus. I’ve also heard of a school that does a big playdate at the park before school starts. These are both great opportunities for your kids as well as meeting other parents.

Big things are happening over at the Willis household. Evelyn is joining the school attending masses! Two girls in preschool, how did this happen? My focus and I will admit, a bit of anxiety, for this start of the school season is embracing our new dynamic of having two kids to wrangle in the mornings. Parents of more than one child, please feel free to share any words of wisdom.

My best wishes to you and your families as we transition to fall and the start of the school year. Do you have any tried and true back-to-school tips or tricks?!? Please share below as I’m sure everybody (including me) would appreciate the info!

Emma xx

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