Being Gracious…

I remember when I was growing up, after any birthday or Christmas my mother would set up a little station for me to write my thank you cards. It annoyed me to no end. As I got older I realized what a valuable lesson she was teaching me. Something that I’ve never forgotten and a value that I’m gradually teaching my children even though they are too young to write their own thank you’s.

I am obsessed with stationery. I have stationery for everyone in my family. I have family stationery . I have our  couple’s stationery . I have joint stationery for my girls and their own personal stationery . I told you, I’m obsessed. Let’s not even get into my own personal stash . Luckily  Jonathan Wright has a professional obsession too and has helped me design my stationery (pictured), invites, cards for easily 10 plus years. He has such an amazing eye and I admire his talent.

In an era where emails or a text are an acceptable form to thank someone, it still doesn’t sit too well with me. Listen, don’t think I haven’t done it. Oh I have, but call me old school, I feel there’s nothing like a handwritten note. The person on the receiving end will really feel the love and will probably send you another present 😉

Here are my tips to staying on top of your thank you cards:

I realized what a valuable lesson my mom was teaching me...
  • Invest in personal stationery. If you have something pretty with your name on it, you’ll want to use it. Of course I had to start a Pinterest board  on all types of personalized stationery that might get you inspired!
  • Keep a running list in your daily journal/to do’s  of who sent what so you won’t forget what item was sent to you and/or your children.
  • Keep your stationery out in the open. If it’s accessible it will always serve as a gentle reminder.
  • Have stamps at your stationery station. Keep them in the box your stationary came in. I actually love going on to see what new stamps are out that might tickle my fancy.

P.S. Don’t get down on yourself if you just can’t get to the thank you notes. At the end of the day gratitude is gratitude no matter what form it comes in. Or hey, here’s an idea. We can always just pick up the phone.

Happy writing!


Emma xx

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Allison says:

Love this! #stationerygoals ❤️

diane says:

I’m a kindred spirit. I hyperventilate when I go into a Staples. My obsession extends to having the perfect pens as well. I also have a collection of thank you and friendship cards, which are a great spur of the moment send, when you might not have “composing” time.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Ah yes. The perfect pen! So important 🙂 xx

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