Bye Bye Green Hair…

With summer in full swing my daughters are swimming a lot, especially my four-year-old who’s swimming at camp daily. The day camp also happens to be where both my girls take their weekly swimming lessons. As you can imagine, this pool is heavily chlorinated and the result, of course, is the residue starts to build up in their hair.

I decided to take my eldest to the hair salon in search of a remedy. I was very pleased when they told me they would be using a child-friendly product to rinse out the green residue. The process took about 30 minutes all-in, which included Mabel having to sit under the hair dryer for 10 minutes. We had a good giggle about that! She loved it.

While it was obvious that my youngest daughter Evelyn, aged 2, would really benefit from this treatment as well, I also knew she wouldn’t likely be able to handle the whole process, especially given her age.

So, I started to Goggle options that I could do at home, and at the same time find ways to help prevent the chlorine from seeping into their hair. Here are a few helpful ideas I’ve gathered from my research and am currently testing:

The result, of course, is the residue starts to build up in their hair...


Stop by the shower and wet your child’s hair first before they get into the pool. That way the chlorine won’t be absorbed as easily. I also make sure I shower my kids after they come out of the pool to get the chlorine rinsed off their hair and bodies.

Coat the hair with coconut oil which acts as a shield. You know I love that option! Using a conditioner is another option to protect their hair.

Use a swim cap

Getting the Green Out

With Mabel as my very patient Guiney pig, I mixed up some baking powder and water in a bowl and made it into a paste. I sat her in the tub and ran it through her hair, piled her hair on top of her head and bathed her. I washed the baking powder concoction out of her hair last followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Apple Cider is another natural option. Use 1 part apple cider and 4 parts water and apply to the hair.

My friend Amanda swears by tomato juice or V8. Her mother used it on her when she was a kid.

There are other shampoos on the market that claim to do the same.

Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal 

Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

Do you have any remedies that you use to get the green out?

Emma xx


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