Carry-on Bag Essentials for Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling for the holidays, I have a list of your carry-on bag essentials for your flight. On top of being a busy woman, packing for a trip, vacation, or a family visit over the holidays may not be the most fun part of the trip. And, figuring out what to put in your carry-on bag can seem like putting together a puzzle.

It’s sometimes a challenge to make sure you bring what you need and still pass through security. Sometimes, accidents happen, items may get lost or stolen, and having to make too many airport purchases adds up.

It’s a good idea to carefully plan for necessities and contingencies by packing items in your carry-on luggage with strategy, particularly when trying to stay as safe as possible traveling during the pandemic. Here are some tips about what to include in your carry-on bag.

Collapsible Water Bottle that Filters

Airplane air is dry. Having your own water bottle will keep you hydrated better than those little bottles of water served by the flight attendants. After going through the security checks, you can purchase water inside the airport and fill your water bottle. These water bottles take up less room, empty or full, which is a good fit in a carry-on.

Filling Snacks

Airport snacks may not be enough to hold you over until you can have a meal. It’s a good idea to pack some satisfying snacks like nuts, protein bar, dried fruit, and a sandwich in your carry-on. Just be sure that everything is wrapped properly to go through security. Plus, having your own snacks is cheaper than buying food at the airport.

Phone Charger

Even if you have a phone with the best battery life, don’t assume you’ll have enough juice to keep you going. Delays happen, and having a charger in your carry-on may come in handy. Putting your charger in your checked luggage may do you no good in a pinch.

Anything of Value

Keep any valuables that you’re traveling with in your carry-on. Airlines and airports are well-known for theft . Items like cameras, jewelry, electronics, or other expensive items should always be kept with you.

Pandemic Items

Just in case you prefer to follow as many COVID safety guidelines and take as many precautions as possible, why not pack a few extra items in your carry-on for your preference. Until further notice, the TSA will allow one 12-ounce bottle of liquid hand sanitizer in carry-on bags, and you can bring along hand sanitizing wipes. Just be sure they are unopened. Additionally, you might want to pack some extra face masks in your carry-on.

The Bottom Line of Carry-On Bag Essentials

Carry-on bag essentials for holiday travel are a must. Hopefully, our list gives you some ideas on making sure your trip is cozy and complete with one less problem to worry about.


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