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Warmer temperatures are definitely here and school is out !! I’m so happy to have some downtime with my crew. The girls are like mermaids and want to be in the water constantly. I swear all that swimming makes them eat double. Or maybe my babies are just growing up?! Eeek!  My challenge with my ravenous mermaids is how to keep their eating healthy  and easy . The warmer weather also means the requests for frozen sweet treats  will increase dramatically. Not to fear, because this Mom has her trusty popsicle molds  at the ready and I’m not afraid to use them… a lot!! Making your own popsicles is a pretty bullet-proof  process. It is also fairly easy to deliver a yummy popsicle that my kids will love and that I feel good about serving. For example filling your popsicle molds with your favorite smoothie recipe  or my newest and possible prettiest method is by filling them with fresh fruit and coconut water. You really can’t go wrong with giving your kids as serving of fresh fruit surrounded by a bit of coconut water, which contains electrolytes, to keep busy summer kids hydrated.

Making your own popsicles is a pretty bullet-proof process...

The trick to these fruit-a-licious pops is to put enough fruit into the pop that everything doesn’t float to the top, making your popsicle uneven. Think of the fruit like a bridge that goes from the top to the bottom of your mold and the coconut water is the glue that holds it all together.  Also make sure you pour in your coconut water slowly as to not dislodge any of your fruit as you fill the mold. Be careful not to overfill as you will make a mess in your freezer. You can use just about any fruit. Some freeze better than others. It is a bit of trial and error depending on what types of fruit your kids like. The beauty is that it is great way to get your kids try different fruit. Who would turn down a popsicle on a warm day ?

I hope everyone is having a great start to their summers! Please make sure you’ve got your little guys (and yourself) slathered with sunscreen. If you are needing to stock up on more sun safety supplies, check out this post that is filled with lots of good info on sunscreen and sun safety products.

What are your favorite summer snacks for your kids and if you make popsicles, what are some of your favorite ways to make them?

Emma xx

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