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I’ve been known to do a craft or two at home with the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not patting myself on the back because the ideas don’t flow through me magically. What naturally flows through me is paper and crayons kind of craftiness. So I reference Pinterest for ideas, a lot. But then I got some good news for this artistically challenged mommy that has taken crafting to a whole new level.

I was turned on to a company last year that puts together the craft for you. They’re called Kiwi Crates . You can order one box at a time or a yearly subscription. They have boxes for different age ranges. From 3 to 16 years of age. Since Mabel is 3 we subscribe to the Koala Crate.

Then I got some good news for this artistically challenged mommy...

When the box comes through the door we get pretty excited around here. I actually have to hide it if it’s not the most ideal time for doing a craft. But I’ll bring it out when we need something fun to do. It comes with a few activities inside. Every month is a different theme. This month was about planting and growing. They also have made great birthday presents for some of my friends children.

Thank you Kiwi Crate for not only making the crates fun but educational. And for doing the thinking for me. Bonus!

Any other ready-to-go suggestions out there? Please throw them my way!


From my home to yours,


Emma xx

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Julia-Selina says:

Ohhh Emma, this is my favorite subject.

Tinkering with children makes more great fun and I am looking forward to the time when I finally can tinker with my niece.

Here in Hamburg, there are quite a lot of creativity stores that have a lot of ideas. In late summer is here in Hamburg a Creativity Fair.

Tinkering with children is always good that fosters creativity.

One tip I can give you, or rather two. When Mabel goes to school, doing her school bag. I know not whether it is in America something like this. Here in Germany, having children for their first day of school, a school bag with many things for the school and a little sweet.


And second tip: At Christmas do the two children a home-made Advent Calendar.


Unfortunately, there are only German examples.

I wish you much fun making with your children.

Kiss and Hugs Julia ^_^

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you!!! Great ideas :):) xx

Nora says:

Hi Emma,

My daughter Lara just turned 5 months old. I started collecting crafting ideas on Pinterest even before i found out i was pregnant. Can’t wait to start our first project!


Emma Heming Willis says:

It really is fun when you can start doing fun art projects with your kids. No matter how small it is xx

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