Creative Ways You Can Upcycle Your Beauty Products…

As consumers it’s important to be mindful about the waste we produce. Our recycling system isn’t what we would expect it to be in 2021 so we need to take matters into our own hands. A little can really go such a long way and we owe that to our environment. Have you heard of upcycling?

What is upcycling?

The process of converting waste objects, by-products, and debris into more valuable items is known as upcycling. When materials are upcycled, their environmental, social, and artistic value increases. For us, upcycling is giving a product another chance at life – only better this time. Upcycling closes the gap that recycling creates. Where recycling may not convert wastes into products that are of greater value, upcycling does the opposite.

Why do we need to upcycle?

Upcycling benefits are listless – from alleviating carbon footprints and reducing manufacturing costs to improving your well-being.

Below are some gains associated with upcycling your skincare packaging.

Reduces landfill

With upcycling, consumers can easily convert old materials into beautifully crafted objects. Innovative consumers are now reclaiming products that were supposed to cause landfills and reusing then for other purposes.

Preserves natural resources

Upcycling older products means that we don’t have to have to waste natural resources for production.

Enhances craftsmanship

There is a story behind every product that has been created for reuse. It takes expertise to completely change an old product to something new and captivating.

Hones your revamping skills

How do you feel when you revamp your outfit into something new and classy? Great, right? That’s precisely how you’ll feel elated when you get into the habit of upcycling your old stuff.

Upcycling Ideas and Inspiration

In the bid to maintain a waste not want not lifestyle, we’re dropping some great ideas for upcycling. After all, who says you can enjoy a single-use packaging only once? If you’re feeling crafty, we encourage you to try these eco-friendly swaps on your empty product packaging.


CocoBaba Jars

 Nail polish remover container:  You can upcycle your CocoBaba jars to house your nail polish remover pads. Take some cotton rounds, pour some nail polish remover over them and arrange them inside the empty jar. Seal with the lid.

Travel-size jewelry package: You can upgrade any of our product containers into a storage container for your jewelry when you hit the road. When you run through your product, wipe the empty cup with a cloth and place your favorite earrings, rings, and foldable neckpieces into the jar.

Kiddie’s hair accessories vessel: Instead of putting empty jars into the recycling bin, you can rev them up into a vessel to catch some of your kids’ hair accessories or bangles.

CocoBaba Body Oil Bottle

As a diffuser: Add water some essential oil of your choosing. Add twigs and put in your bathroom or anywhere in your house!

Ward off small insects and pests with this DIY spray for your plants: Fill up your bottle with distilled water. Add 6 drops of organic lemon essential oil, 6 drops of organic orange essential oil, and 1 drop of peppermint.

There is a sea of options to creatively reuse and repurpose our empty packaging instead of tossing them away.

Although our primary packaging is recyclable, we love to go the extra mile to keep our environment safe. And guess what? It’s fun, too. We are in full support of upcycling, and you can join the movement.

As a brand being more sustainable and environmentally friendly is at the forefront of our minds, always. We are aiming to be able to add refill options in the future.


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