Daylight Savings and Kids…

Friends, we’ve made it! Spring is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. We return to Daylight Savings Time and therefore we spring forward an hour this Sunday. I love having more light in the evenings, it just makes it feel like those warm summer nights are right around the corner after a frigid winter.

But with that comes changing up our children’s as well as our own sleep schedule. Sleep is something I take very seriously around here . So around this time of year when I know I have to adjust to the time change and all that implies, I love seeing Jennifer Waldburger’s newsletter from Sleepy Planet pop up in my inbox. Why? Because Jennifer and co-founder Jill Spivack are sleep specialists for children.  Any sleep issues we’ve had (and we’ve had a few) I’ve always turned to Jennifer because her approach has always been a calm, gentle, and helpful one.

You should check out their books if you are in the baby stage or know someone who is on the road to mommyhood: The Sleepeasy Solution and Calm Mama, Happy Baby .

Here are some helpful tips from Jennifer and Jill on how to preempt the effects of time change:

  • Before bed on Saturday, turn clocks ahead 1 hour.  If your child normally sleeps till 6:30 AM, the next morning she will likely sleep till 7:30 AM.  Her entire schedule – naps and bedtime – will then shift one hour later. If you’re happy about this change, great!  Just protect her room from too much light in the early morning (use room-darkening shades if necessary), and use white noise so she won’t wake up with the birds.
  • If you’d rather help your child get back to her usual schedule, try the following:
  • Put your child down at her regular bedtime, say 7:30 PM, on Saturday night.
  • Set your alarm for 6:30 AM (according to the new time) and awaken your child then.  To her, it will feel like it’s 5:30 AM, but don’t worry.  She’ll be tired, but she’ll adjust.
  • If your child naps, put her down at her normal nap time according to the new time change and resume a normal schedule from there.  Don’t allow her to nap longer than usual.
  • On Sunday night, put her down at her usual bedtime according to the new time.

Thank you for doing such a great job laying it out for us, ladies!


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