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You know those nights when you just can’t think of anything to make or you just don’t feel like cooking? We’ve all been there. You can’t really plop a bowl of cereal down for your kids even though it’s tempting. And hey, no judgment on my part if you have! But the breakfast for dinner option is a good option!

One night recently I ended up feeling like that and then had to think of something a little more interesting, which led me to an old favorite that I had totally forgotten about–eggs en cocotte also known as shirred eggs. Since my weekday mornings are a bit more rushed with getting the two girls ready for school, I was thrilled to put together this breakfast option as I had a bit more time. And just so you know, this is by no means complicated!

The breakfast for dinner option is a good option!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Ramekins: 2-3 ounces for 1 egg or 5-6 ounces for 2 eggs

Dish towel

Roasting or cake pan

Oven mitts


Large eggs

Olive oil or butter

Salt and pepper

Cream or milk (optional)

Minced herbs (optional)

Grated cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit. Place your dish towel in your cake pan to prepare your hot water bath. The dish towel keeps your ramekins from sliding around as you take them back and forth from the oven. Butter your ramekins and crack your eggs carefully into them. For my kids, I used the 2-3 ounces and for the adults, I used the 5-6 ounces as they can hold two eggs. Add a teaspoon of milk or cream. I think the milk helps the eggs not dry out. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. I added some minced herbs and grated cheese on top of ours. Now place them on top of your dish towel in your cake pan. Fill a pitcher of hot water from the sink and pour it into your cake pan. Have the water come up about half way to ¾ the way up the ramekins. Transfer carefully to the oven using your oven mitts.

Cooking Time

12-15 minutes for runny yolks

15-18 minutes for soft-cooked yolks

20 minutes for hard-cooked yolks.

I cut our toast into strips, or soldiers as I like to call them, and dipped away. Heavenly! I’m a sucker for Heinz baked beans and I threw some bacon in there and called it a dinner success!

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Françoise says:

I just came across your blog as I am trying to find new ideas to keep children busy and to eat healthy yet funny food. Your website is great! Here is my “cultural” input 🙂
I am living in Brittany (France) and wanted to let you know about something you could cook with all the family involved, which is always great : the “crepes”! (You may already know about it of course). I recently bought a “Billig” which is traditionally used to cook them. You can place it in the center of the table and everyone adds what they want on the cooking dough. They’re like pancakes, but much thinner and larger. If you search “billig” on the Internet you may find a place to buy one near you (I think there are a lot of people from Brittany in the New York area)
Thank you for sharing your ideas, have a great day!

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