DIY Holiday Card Display…

Every year my holiday cards end up all over the house. Where ever there is some extra space on a tabletop or counter, that’s where our cards from family and friends go. Nothing wrong with it but this year I wanted to have them displayed all in one place. This little 5 minute project was so simple and the fact that I had everything in my house already and I didn’t need to buy a single thing for this project made it even more exciting. It’s the simple things really 😉


What you’ll need…


2 ½ inch wired ribbon

2 wired Command hooks 

Wooden clothes pins

Scotch tape

Figure out where you want to hang your card display. I put mine on our kitchen door. We spend so much time there and it’s nice to see our friends and their kids smiling at us each day. Make a 2 ½ inch fold at the end of your wired ribbon. You’ll be adding your 2 wired Command hooks there once you are ready to secure them to the top of the door. Measure the length of your door or wall and cut your ribbon accordingly. On your 2 ½ inch folded end of your wired ribbon snip two little holes for your wired command hooks to slip through and then secure them up on your door. Your ribbon should now be hanging to the floor or the length desired. I secured the bottom of the ribbon to the door with Scotch tape. Now take your holiday cards and start to pin them to your ribbon. Voila!

Looks like I’m not the only one with this bright idea. Check out my Pinterest board of other adorable ways to display those cards.


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