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When Evelyn was eating pureed food I loved using this food processor called The Baby Cook . It was quick, simple and we sure got our money’s worth out it. It steams and purees all in one with the push of a button. There was also a great cookbook offered with some exciting puree options. It was especially helpful when I hit a wall trying to come up with different ideas.

Now that Evelyn is chomping away on food it’s not needed anymore. But before I put it in our donation pile I realized it had a little more shelf life in our home.

It was quick, simple and we got our money’s worth out it...

There’s a vast selection of ready-made organic pouches on the shelves these days. I used to keep some around as a back-up snack option when we were out and about with the girls. So then I got to thinking about making my own. I researched and lo and behold found these great  do-it-yourself pouches and I started doing just that. I use ingredients I know my kids will like and offer it to them as a healthy snack option.

Here’s a link of an apple sauce recipe that my kids loved.

It’s easy, fun and what I really love about it is that I know it’s fresh.


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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carli says:

Hi emma, hope all is well x
i like the idea, i couldnt realy afford one of those machines but i remember when my son theo was just onto mushed up food i would make mash potato and mashed blended carrots, sweet potato and he loved them, like u said you know they are getting healthy stuff with no added salt etc.
now hes eating big boy food if i tell him any meat on his plate is duck he will eat it, which is strange but it gets healthy meat into him without the struggle.
take care x

kc says:

Hi Emma

I will definitely put this on my list. We believe in fresh so a baby blender is a must. Thanks for the tips!!! I live in Westchester so according to the website i can pick it up at a local store. Oh and the recepi looks yum for kids. Please keep us updated about the donation specifics: how, when, where. I hope i will be able to take advantage of it when you donate. Right now I’m on bed rest till earky August. Yikes
Take care

Emma Heming Willis says:

You can order the product online too! So if you’re on bed rest you won’t have to go too far!! Hope you’re feeling ok xxx

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma,
I will definitely have to get one of these. My granddaughter loves the pouches. The applesauce recipes sound tastey. They sure do have a lot of things out there to make it easier for moms nowadays. Thanks for sharing all your good finds.

How long are your other posts going to be up? Are the permanent? I want to make sure I write all the product tips down if the posts will be eventually be gone. I love going back to read the comments too.

Until next time,

kc says:

Thank you Emma,
Just taking one day at a time!! But yes it looks like i will be ordering most items online. Xx


Paulette says:

I’ve read the article about you finding the turtle in your drive. My kids moved to Bedford last September from the city. My son said those are weeds? We thought they were just flowering plants Takes too long to get to Katona for Mrs greens. They have two little boys; 6 mis and 2 years old.

Julia-Selina says:

Hi Emma,

Now that’s an idea. Thanks for the tip. In Germany there is that too. The price goes still. ^_^

However, it reminds me the mixer to the Barbie mixer, because I had time, from Barbie Dream ship. 😉

Kiss and Hugs Julia ^_^

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