DIY Wrapping for Kids

Last week I gave you my birthday gift guide and my tips on stockpiling gifts so you’re always prepared for all those birthday parties your little ones get invited to. You never know when that mommy brain will kick in and god forbid you’ve forgotten to pick up a gift. I always try to stay 5 steps ahead of myself these days to avoid my forgetfulness! So along with being gift ready, you’ll need to get your wrapping supply game going too.

I love using postal wrapping paper  because it’s gender neutral. I use kitchen twine as my ribbon and then the fun starts. I call in my wrapping paper decorator, Mabel Ray. I have a great selection of birthday/celebration stamps like this and these  with all different color ink pads  for her to use and go crazy with. I like having Mabel involved in the decorating process of the wrapping paper as I feel it’s teaching her the art of giving. She decorates the wrapping paper for her friend and feels proud to present the gift at the party. It’s a win win.

Having birthday cards on hand is key too. I buy boxed sets like these cute mixed animal cards that are blank or these adorable balloon cards .

Along with being gift ready, you’ll need to get your wrapping supply game going too...

If you have a little more time on your hands to be very creative, I’ve started a Pinterest board on wrapping ideas that just might inspire you. But there are those times when you just don’t have that little extra time you need.  Brown paper gift bags  are a perfect addition to have with your supplies along with some colorful tissue paper  for that pop of color. Instead of a card you can always use a gift tag and I Love these ones .

OK, so you’ve got your wrapping kit together and good on you cause I love a kit ! The key is keeping it all together and what better way than with a gift wrapping storage bag . It keeps it tidy and in order. With the see-through compartments you can see what you’re running low on and replenish as needed.

Just a little life hack to keep you ahead of the game. Who doesn’t like that?!

Emma xx

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Cyndi says:

Perfect. …I had this happen 2 days ago I totally forgot about the birthday party and getting a present, mommy brain is me 24/7

Emma Heming Willis says:

I’m right there with you kid! Hope this post will help 🙂 xx

Francesca says:

My nephew is getting invited to more and more birthday parties since enrolling in Pre-K. I bet my sister could use some of these tips for gift giving 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

It’s been very helpful to have some favorite presents in my back pocket. It’s hard to be creative and go on the search all the time!

Jane says:

Great Article Emma. Thanks!

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