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It is way too easy to over spend on decorations for holidays. Trust me as a Mama to little ones, I have deep desires to go overboard and create a Willis family spooktacular. I love getting into the spirit like nobody’s business. I especially enjoy decorating for Halloween. My girls really get excited when the house is decorated, too. I was so pumped last year to try out a stealthy way to preserve my pumpkin, but sadly that turned out to be a full-blown #PinterestFail . But, there’s always this year, right?!? If anybody has any pumpkin trickery to keep them lasting longer, please let me know in the comment section below if not, I’m going for the no-carve pumpkins again!

In year’s past, the dollar store was a place you went to get items like clothes pins and shoe polish. That is definitely not the case anymore. I find dollar stores especially great when it comes to holiday decorations. From Easter to St Paddy’s day, to 4th of July and even Halloween and Christmas, Dollar stores have some great decorations. It is so worth checking out the dollar store before you spend a bunch of money on expensive decorations. What I like to do is check out the dollar store first, buy a few things and then augment my stash with items I find elsewhere. There have been many times I find something at the dollar store only to later see the same exact item costing more somewhere else. There is nothing worse than paying full retail price for something and seeing the same thing at the dollar store later.

You don’t need a wallet full of money for dollar store decoration shopping. What you do need is a healthy dose of creativity and imagination. Think about how different items can work together to create something fabulously awesome. It’s like layering an outfit! Use separate pieces to create a complete look. Put your crafty thinking cap on and head on over to my Pinterest Board  for some dollar store friendly Halloween decor ideas. While I was doing my crafty research I came across this beauty of a Halloween wreath which inspired me to make a version of my own.



1 Wire Wreath Frame
Burlap for wrapping wreath frame
Floral wire
Glue Gun
Styrofoam Pumpkins and Skulls from the dollar store
Large Faux Ribbon from dollar store
Felt Spider decoration from dollar store
16 Gauge Tie Wire (approximated 32”)

The technique!

You don’t need a wallet full of money for dollar store decoration shopping...
How bout that?!

Cover your wire wreath frame with burlap with the seam facing the backside using a stapler. Set aside. Take tie wire and start stringing the styrofoam skulls and pumpkins. Ultimately they are going to lay flush on top of your wreath, so be mindful at how you are piercing pieces. You will want to poke holes in the same spot on each item. You also want each piece as close as possible to the next one. Think of it like stringing beads on a necklace. Leave approximately 2.5” of empty space on each side of the wire. Now you are going to fold the ends of the wire down through the wreath, folding the ends back toward the wreath. Both ends should be as close as they can be together. You should have your starting and stopping point be at the bottom of the wreath so you can use a decorative bow to camouflage (hide) the seam. Then take floral wire and secure each end to the wreath. Now take your floral wire again to secure the pumpkin and skull “thread” in multiple spots to secure it to the wreath frame. If there are places where your styrofoam pieces are not sitting properly. Use the floral wire to secure them tightly to the wreath. This allows you to adjust the styrofoam pieces in the positions you like. Then flip the wreath over and attach, with a few drops of hot glue, the felt decoration to the back side of the wreath. Last you attach a ribbon to the front of the wreath covering the seam of where the two ends meet.

I’m not trying to toot my Halloween horn, but this wreath really looks like one of those expensive high-end decorations that would cost between $50 to $75. All in, this cost me $20! What’s even better, is that you can have this for years to come. Hooooray for DIY dollar store Halloween decoration amazingness! Dollar stores are the perfect place to get stuff for all kinds of craft projects. Does your family have any Halloween decorating traditions? Please share any fun decorating tricks or treats down below in the comments.

Emma xx

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This is soooo cute. I just came across your blog today. What an absolute angel you are!

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