Earth Day Fairy Garden…

Happy day to the biggest Mama around, Mother Earth!!

I am by no means a perfect eco-friendly human. I do really try my best by recycling, avoiding plastic when possible and do feel that it is my duty to teach my children about taking care of our environment. They are the future guardians of our earth! How do we teach them to care about our planet? My best answer is to engage them on all levels. Show them where their food comes from by having a garden. If that’s not an option then head out to your local farmer’s market or go visit a farm. Which by the way are awesome ways to curb picky eaters, too! Have your kids help you with placing items in the recycling bin and initiate the conversation about the importance of recycling. It is not just about saving our landfills. It is about saving and re-purposing our dwindling resources. It doesn’t have to be a scary doomsday prophecy type of situation. I have to believe that every little bit counts. Every step we take in the right direction is good.

For little ones, the key to engaging them is by making learning fun. Let’s be honest, don’t we all learn better when there’s a little fun involved 😉 ?!? Lately, Mabel has been quite taken with all things princess and fairies, so I took the idea of creating a fairy garden and gave it an Earth Day twist. This idea can be tweaked into anything your child enjoys. To show that example I made a garden that was more boy-themed as well. To inspire you even a little further (me too!!) I even made a Pinterest board to show how easy and how far down the crafting rabbit hole you can go. To make this even more Earth Day friendly, I chose succulents, which are both drought tolerant plants and easy to maintain. They are pretty and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can vary the look of your magical fairy garden landscape. I chose the least expensive of vessels, the tried and true terra cotta pot. You can easily have your child paint or even color with sidewalk chalk if you want to bring some more color into the picture. As far as furniture and décor for your garden, look no further than old toys that aren’t in play anymore. I found a long forgotten Snow White and Dopey miniature that was perfect for our mini garden. Talk about repurposing! Etsy is a great place to find treats for your garden as well. They literally have hundreds of amazing fairy options…such as this or this.

Our children are the future guardians of our earth...

Another great place to source great things is the dollar store. I found the little tractor, the rocks and the butterflies at my local dollar store. Not a bad haul for $3! The potential options are endless and you aren’t limited to a small container garden. I have a friend whose boys grew out of their toy dinosaurs, so she placed them throughout her garden. Now her garden looks like a mini scene out of Jurassic Park!

The important thing is to start the conversation with your kids. Get them outside, teach them a love of the outdoors. Show them where their food comes from. And be a good example and recycle. Walking the walk is the best way to teach them that taking care of our earth is important.

How do you teach your children about Earth Day? Does your community support green initiatives?

Emma xx

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Love this! Great idea.

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