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Easter is one of those sugar-charged holiday’s, as we all know. I’ll always remember my mom’s store-bought ready-made baskets for me each year filled with little toys but mostly candy. Needless to say, it was one of my favorite holidays! What child doesn’t love the idea of being able to have some chocolate first thing in the morning?! Since having my kids, I love throwing their Easter baskets together myself. You know me pretty well by now and that those baskets are 98% toys, 2% candy. I wouldn’t call myself a killjoy because I know sweet treats will be coming at them from all angles that day. It just won’t be directly from me.

Paper Source has been one of my favorite one-stop shops for a long time. They always have such cute little gifts and ideas for any holiday.

Here’s some great alternatives to candy for your Easter basket’s this year:

You know me pretty well by now and that those baskets are 98% toys, 2% candy...

Planet Projector Torch

Mini Boo Flower

Wind-up Jumping Bunny

Metal Build-it Kits

Surprise Bunnies

Stack the Carrots Game : Now that my husband and I have claimed the girls Jenga for ourselves, this seemed like a fair swap.

Small Bashful Bunny

Monster Mini Markers

Easter Bunny Multicolor Pen

Organic Easter Pops : So here’s my 2% on the candy side. Knowing my kids, they will be thrilled with all the new odds and ends in their baskets this year. They won’t even miss the candy—as they don’t even know that Easter baskets are suppose to have LOTS of candy in it. Tricky tricky mommy. One lollipop each will have them over the moon!

Now you’ll need a place to house all your goodies. I like the classic Easter basket and I found mine at Party City.

Easter Basket

Paper Grass


Are you a traditionalist with a good-ole old school Easter basket or do you make your own? What do you fill your’s up with?


Emma xx

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Rosemary (AreKay) Knapp RK says:

Just wondering…do you and the girls color hard-boiled eggs and/or hang plastic colored eggs on a tree/trees in your yard?
Wishing you and Bruce a Happy 7th Anniversary and a joyous Easter to you and your family!

Emma Heming Willis says:

We will be hard boiling eggs this year. But I haven’t hung plastic eggs up before. Is this a think? Sounds adorable!!

Gail says:

Hi Emma!
We bought our girls personalized Pottery Barn baskets for their first Easter that we re-use every year so there is no confusion amongst the four of them which basket/stuff is theirs. I also try to do about 98% candy free baskets (that’s just the dentist in me, I guess!). I love the ideas that you posted too! Some stuff that we like to add to our baskets are bath crayons/paints, sidewalk chalk and bubbles/bubble wands for the outside. For my two older ones we put lip balms and mini hand-sanitizers that they can put in their back packs for school. As for candy…I keep in minimal…maybe a small chocolate bunny or some sugarless gum for the older ones and a small chocolate lollipop for the little ones. Of course, the Easter Bunny always leaves Mommy some jelly beans to share (and use as bribes/rewards for the kids over Easter Break!) and my very favorite Peeps which the kids don;’t like so they are all mine!

Wishing you, Bruce and the kids a wonderful Easter with family and friends! Oh, and a Happy Belated Birthday to Bruce!

Emma Heming Willis says:

I need to check out the PB baskets. I didn’t know about that!
Love all these ideas. It’s like stocking stuffers but for Easter 🙂 xxxx
My husbands a Peeps guy too, lol

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