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Growing up a city girl (and a child of the 80’s) I had no idea what farm to table meant. My mom and I didn’t know about eating organic. Sadly, I thought that fruits and vegetables just magically appeared at the grocery stores. A friend of mine told me about “The Little Cook’s” class being offered at a local farm called Stone Barns Center , where they teach you what farm to table is all about. An important life lesson for Mabel, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Once a week we’d head out to the farm. The teacher would talk about the kid-friendly recipe we were making that day and the veg we were going to harvest. We’d head out to their fields or the impressive greenhouse where we were taught to properly pick the veg off its stalk, take it back to wash and cut up. The recipes were so simple and yummy. One week we made a green machine smoothie using the kale and pak choi we had picked.

Here’s the yummy recipe for you to try. It was a big hit with Mabel…

An important life lesson for Mabel, and I jumped at the opportunity...
Drink up Mabes!
Green Machine Smoothie

Makes 2-4 servings

2 large kale leaves, chopped

1 leaf pak choi

1 apple, cubed

1 banana

1/2 cup of orange juice

1 tbs honey

1 handful of ice


And if you’re in the Westchester/NYC area Stone Barns have just announced their Little Cooks class schedule for the Fall! Here’s their schedule for Wednesday’s  starting on October 7th and for Thursday’s  starting October 8th.



From my home to yours,

Emma  xx

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Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

City kids in the country…my cousins Frankie and Johnny were spending the week with their Aunt Eva. They excitedly filled their Dad in on all their activities when he came to take them home. “You know when there are eggs to gather cause the chickens start barking!”
P.S. – Had to read your list of smoothie ingredients over twice…initially read “tbs” (tablespoon) as “lbs” (pounds). Guess it’s time to get my eyes checked again! LOL

Emma Heming Willis says:

What a great experience for the kids! It’s so exciting when they get exposed to different things xxx

Julia-Selina says:

Hi Emma,

I must confess that I am still a smoothie virgin. *LOL*

I’m rather skeptical, but when Mabel she likes, then I’ll try it. However, I’m rather the strawberries type. ^^

Kiss and Hugs Julia ^^

Emma Heming Willis says:

You could make a banana and strawberry smoothie? You’ll be surprised with how yummy and easy they are to make xx

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma,
Sounds like you two had a great experience and alot of fun. The smoothie sounds yummy. I love those recipes where you sneak in the stuff that you would never get them to eat otherwise.
I miss the farm back home in New York. It was a great way to grow up. We raised our own animals for meat, milk and eggs and be grew everything imaginable in the gardens. It’s not the same here in Arizona. It’s harder to grow but we do raise chickens and turkeys. Kloe loves to collect the eggs and tell the chickens thankyou and good job. 🙂
So now that you’ve spent a little more time in the country which do you like better…city or country?
Thanks for sharing and a big hi to all the other moms!
Until next time,
Roxanne 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

Now that I’ve been here I realized how much more the country has to offer. We live close to the city but I don’t feel the urge to have to be in the city when I don’t have to. We are settling in just fine. The girls love it here xxx

Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

P.S. – Love Mabel’s little apron!

Emma Heming Willis says:

This is great! I’ll try this with the girls xx

kc says:

Hi Emma
This is awsome!! I Will definitely expose my child to this in the future. Love that they get to appreciate vegatables and where they come from. And hopefully love to eat them.

wendy rudge says:

Hi Emma, thank you for sharing your beautiful family…I love to hear about families thinking more about the food they eat. I’m sure our kids will be so much better for it. I love the smoothie recipe – we are big smoothie fans… I have been slowly building up our edible garden for my little man where he will be able to pick fruit and veggies each seaon. OUr apple tree is right next to his sand pit where he can pick fruit when he’s playing. Fortunately for us here in Western Australia we’ve got fairly good temps for growing stuff all year round 🙂 If you want to a new challenge try making your own cheeses its really fun and are easier than you think and you’ll know exactly whats in it!
Look forward to your next entry…
Wendy 🙂

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