My husband celebrated a milestone birthday last week. I threw a birthday party for him that happened to coincide with our wedding anniversary, which of course is a big deal to us but I really wanted the celebration to be about him and only him. My husband generally prefers to deflect any attention from himself. His work provides him with more attention than he knows how to deal with. But this time it wasn’t about anything else other than wanting to show my love and appreciation for him. Not to mention the same sentiments of all his friends and family who attended his 60th birthday party.

He deserves to be celebrated. Not only did I get a wonderful husband but a terrific father to our girls. There were many reasons why I fell in love with him. But one in particular was seeing what a fantastic father he is to his three older girls. As his daughter Tallulah would call it, “The first batch.” I now get to experience the magnitude of it day in and day out with Mabel and Evelyn. The value of his presence in our children’s life is such a joy for me to witness.

Not only did I get a wonderful husband but a terrific father to our girls...

Because I come from divorced parents I have seen the other side of what single parenting is about. It is not easy and I have so much respect for single parents out there. Which makes me so grateful to have my husbands love and support not only for me but with our children. I couldn’t do this with out him.


From my home to yours,

Emma xx


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Rosetta Patafie says:

Ah emma thst is so beautiful! ♡ Bruce is one of a kind that’s for sure. He is so down to earth and you can truly tell by this interviews and photos. Bruce is also very lucky to have found you and given him a new family. Best wishes for many many more years of health and happiness together with your families. Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter too. xo

Gail says:

Emma, what a beautiful and sweet blog! You can truly tell how much you love and admire your husband! Daddys are so important for daughters especially. I recently saw a quote online that said, “Daddys are the standard by which girls will compare the men in their lives”. Being the only girl of my family with three older brothers as well as being the mom to four little girls, I know how true this is. My Dad set a pretty high standard for my husband to follow and I enjoy seeing my husband with our own four girls. What a wonderful example your five girls have with Bruce as their Dad! He seems so devoted to all of you, which is such a great gift. All the best to you, Bruce and the girls…Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Bruce!

carli says:

Thats a nice thing to say emma, i also come from divorced parents and it was do hard having to almost have 2 worlds because i cudnt get them together long enough to feel normal.
i always had 2 xmas days and would even sometimes get the same gifts because i couldnt tell one that the other had already brought that for me.

This is why i try so hard to make a good home and family for my kids because it realy does affect you later in life.

Lee says:

That is so beautiful!
I think you are all blessed to have each other. So much love! It’s wonderful and so lovely to see.

Lucy says:

I am so happy for you two <3
Bruce is one of my favourite actor (and one of a kind), so I'm very happy that he found somebody like you. Wish you all the best.


P.S. sorry from my bad English.

EIleen SInclair says:

what a beautiful and honest blog ,you give an insight into how “normal” your lives can be in the searing glare of the media, it looks as if you have found a truly great soulmate in each other which can be a very rare thing in the hectic lifestyle we experience today , God bless you and your lovely family at this Easter Weekend.

Julia-Selina says:

Dear Emma,

You have written so beautifully. ^_^

Honestly do not know what I was yet to write. ^_^

Kiss and Hugs Julia

Amalie Marie zinsser says:

You write such beautiful words about your love and family. I’ve been in awe of Bruce since I was a lil girl cause I saw similarities with my dad (they look alike haha) and for you to write how he is as a father just solidifies my thoughts that he is an amazing guy. My dad is the most loving man. Fathers like BRUCE and my dad are what make us girls such loving,strong woman.

anja :o) says:

Hi Emma,
thank you for tell us what you love about Bruce…. that he is an amazing father. He is someone special … and I love that he loves at most the family in his life and not to be famous and all that stuff 😉 … I think that what I saw when I watched ‘Moonlighting’ when I was young – he is someone with a lot of love! and now he has a lot of girls to give it to! Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday Bruce! anja :o) Dreamy from Germany xoxoxo

OJ Garcia says:

Emma you are so beautiful! I am a single mom from Manila Philippines (your age) and a huge fan of Bruce Willis (my father and Brothers LOL) and seeing you as his wife makes me admire him more! 🙂 soulmates, indeed! Two beautiful human beings! Continue sharing your beautiful stories!
OJ ❤️

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma. I know this is way past when you originally posted on your blog but I just wanted to say that I love what you wrote. So sweet and from the heart. You are truly a beautiful spirit Emma. I have been a big fan of Bruce for a long time, since his Moonlighting days. I love his movies and his music and all the things he has done for others. Going overseas to perform for the troops was awesome. His involvement with our troops and veterans ,foster care , special Olympics and so many things to numerous to mention. I really admire and look up to him. He always puts his family first. He is as big of a star as you can get and still stays down earth. He is just an all around good guy. I was diagnosed with SLE 12 years ago with kidney , brain and cns involvement. I take cemotherapy / immunosuppressives and anti-malarials on a daily basis to keep it at bay. It can be tough to deal with everyday. The reason I am telling you this is because when the going gets tough I turn to the Bruce. On really bad days when I feel like I’m up against a brick wall and I just want to quit I put in a movie or his music and chill out. Hudson Hawk is one of my favorites. No matter how many times you watch it you got to laugh! I got to see you both in person at the Red 2 premiere. I took some beautiful pictures , they are on my facebook page. When he was standing in front of me he was like an angel in white. The whole experience was just incredible. It was one of the best days of my life. Besides his family I am his biggest fan. I hope you don’t mind that I posted this. I wanted to pay tribute to the big guy too because he has been such an inspiration in my life. You both are. Your blog gives me something to look fOrward to. What could be better than sharing and helping each other out with our beautiful children and getting to know the people in the community you have created. The most important things I have done in my life are being a mom and a wife. ( and grandmother ) I will be married to the love of my life for 30 years in December. I never thought I could make it this far. I wish you and your family all the best. Bruce, I could never thank you enough for all the movies and music ( we could use some more music ) that keep me going. You keep making them and I’ll be the first one in the theater everytime! Your my hero! Remember to laugh , love and live everyday to its fullest. Life is too precious not to. Take care, be safe and thanks again from your biggest fan. 🙂

Desiree says:

Hi Emma! This was the first blog I’ve read and I am loving it! You sound like such a wonderful woman. I can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs.

Maria says:

Hi Emma,
I’ve been following you on IG for a couple of months now and now is the first time I finally got to check out your blog. I’m expecting to become a first-time mom myself, so you can imagine I’m trying to absorb as much information about parenting as possible. Thanks for sharing with us, I should start a diary myself to at least capture the wonderful moments.
To tell you the truth I, as many other girls, fell in love with Bruce long time ago, but I’ve never been a crazy obsessed fan lol But I still like seeing him as a regular human being in your posts lol Thank you for that.
I’m trully happy for you two (for you four rather). If a girl can “fall in love” with a man only after seeing him in movies I bet there’s so much more in him to like&love in real life.
So here’s a post of admiration of Bruce as an actor& a very charming man and of appreciation to you as his loving wife, mother to his children, his soulmate&friend.
Happy very belated birthday to him&anniversary and happy upcoming Father’s Day!

*Being a loyal admirer of your husband and from Russia too for over a quarter of a century (damn, it sounds so creepy when I say it) I think I can ask you to let him know this lol


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