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What to do for a dad that has celebrated Father’s Day for the past 26 years? He’s been given and seen it all. Which means we have to get creative around here. We want the day to feel special and never looked over.

When Bruce’s daughter’s were in their teens we would come up with something to do or to give to celebrate their day with their dad. One year it was them finding a sweet picture from the past that they thought their father would love and framing it. So simple yet when received it was very touching. Another year we did a joint celebration with our friends that are father’s and had a brunch all together. We still talk about that brunch even though it was 8 years ago!

I really think its about the thought and time you put in to making something special...

One of my favorite gifts was a simple DIY project I did for Mabel’s first Father’s Day. We traced (at the time) all 4 of the girls’ hand’s and I did a collage with them. Had it mounted, framed and voila. I really think its about the thought and time you put in to making something special for someone you love, it’s not about the price tag.

This year I’m toying with the idea of taking the girls to the nursery and buying some plants/flowers that the girls can plant with their dad in our garden. My husband has a green thumb so I think he would really like the sentiment. And then they can keep tending to the plants after the fact. The gift that keeps on giving (and hopefully growing!)

Is their a favorite gift you’ve done for a special father in your life? Would love to hear about it because I need some new ideas!


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Rosemary - AreKay (RK) says:

Your plant idea sounds great…a gift that keeps on giving. And I love the framed hand prints! Maybe you could do the same with footprints, obviously including Evelyn’s as well. It could also commemorate the family’s involvement with Rumer’s DWTS performances this year. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I’m sure B will love it! And tell him the old gang from says, “Yo!” LOL!

Emma Heming Willis says:

SO sweet!! I need to get Evelyn in their too 🙂 Thank you for the idea!!

Simone says:

Hi Emma,

I did this for my dads birthday but you could adapt it for Father’s Day. My dad was turning 50 and I handmade a kind of advent calendar out of stronger material than paper/card, it read ’50 things I love about you’. He was able to open all of the windows on his birthday. You and the girls could perhaps make something with 26 windows – to mark his 26 years of being an awesome dad. Just a thought…my handmade work was really appreciated!! You can write something simple in the window or even have a little photo in there….each of his daughters could have a row of windows – one from Rumer one from Mabel etc have it so when Bruce reads it he knows which of his girls wrote it.
I took such pleasure in making it.

Simone 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

I LOVE this idea!!! Stealing it for next year :):):)

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma,
The garden idea sounds great. Planting a tree would be great too. You could take a picture in front of it every year on Father’s Day.
I love the picture you did with the girls hands. It’s so simple but so sweet and unique. We did hand prints on a white t-shirt one year.
Simone’s idea is fantastic too.
I always wanted to do a time capsule with my family but never did get around to it unfortunately. I’m thinking about doing one with my granddaughter that her and her father can bury on Father’s Day and dig up in a few years. I thought it would be kind of neat.
I’m sure whatever you decide will be special. Bruce seems to have a very kind and loving heart and I’m sure he will love whatever you do.
Until next time,
Roxanne 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

Taking a picture in front of the tree each year would be very sweet. It’s fun to start traditions xx

Diane Hopkins says:

There are some great Dady and child books that you can get through Amazon. A couple of examples are I Love My Daddy, Daddy Hugs, Just Me and my Dad. They could be a gift from the girls to Dad…..he could start out reading them, but as time goes on, the girls will be able to read them to him. Nothing sweeter than little girls’ voices reading to Daddy!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Adorable. Why didn’t I think of that! lol. xxxx

Gail says:

Hi Emma!
Love the handprint idea! My four girls and I will be doing that for Sunday, thanks for the idea!
One Father’s Day my tech-savvy babysitter helped the girls make a slideshow on the computer with digital images of their Daddy with them. She set it to his favorite music plus some Daddy/Daughter songs as well. He actually cried when he saw it for the first time and still looks at it today. We put it on a CD, but he downloaded it to the computer, iPad and iPhone so that he can take it with him when he has to travel and misses his girls. You can add pictures as well as more music (which we need to do since our fourth daughter was born after the slideshow was made). I thought it was a great ongoing gift because you can add to it as the girls grow.
Happy Father’s Day to Bruce! I hope it is a beautiful day spent with family!

Emma Heming Willis says:

With the amount of photos that we take of the girls we could do something amazing.
Great idea! Very sweet!! Thank you

Hayley - in Australia! says:

What beautiful ideas you have had 🙂

I have a 2 and 3.5 year old.
Last Fathers Day I set up a little time capsule for us to do. I put a few drawings from the kids in the box to begin with and had some ideas written down for us to all do together over the next week (a list of questions about our favourite things, photos we could take etc) Then we put the box in the back up the cupboard to open in 10 years 🙂 (i was afraid if we dug a hole we would forget about it if we ever moved!)

Ive also made little display figurines based on childs drawings. I hand sculpt polymer clay display figurines to look exactly like their little drawings, its a cute ornament for a Dads work desk 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

Wow that is very cool! I like the time capsule idea. Would be fun to even make it a tradition and do it every year! Thank you for sharing!!

Marc Bouille says:

Dear Emma,

As a Dad what would get me and maybe your guy too would be the following… Trees!

Story: as a kid once, mowing the neighbourgh’s lawn I let a twig grow. 25 yrs later I came back to see the tree standing 30 feet tall, wow!
Don’t know if you have a yard on your properties but I would do one Oak to represent Bruce, (they also grow chanterelle mushrooms- cantharellus cibarius), and then I would also do sugar maple trees (acer saccharum) for each other member of the family ( because maple gives lots of sugar just like you guys give so much to him!) .

Go back in 25 years and all of you carve a heart and initials in that beautiful trunk!

Happy father’s day!

Emma Heming Willis says:

This is a great idea! Bruce loves trees. I love the idea of putting initials in the trunk too. Thank you!

Mel Grandmaison says:

Hi Emma!
For my husband, I made an edible card of sorts. It says “We know this may sound “cheesy”, but we are positively “nuts” about you! You are an “egg”ceptional daddy and we love you to “pieces”! Love always, your “excel”lent kids”. Then added cheesies, honey roasted nuts, Cadbury mini eggs, Reese’s pieces and a pack of Excel gum to each page! Wish I could show you a picture of the finished product so it makes sense but I’m sure you get the idea. Then I had my 2 year old son paint him a picture and my 3 week old daughter “supervised”! Hope you all have a lovely Father’s Day together 🙂
Mel from Canada

Emma Heming Willis says:

Ahhh. What a great idea!. Listen you have to get creative but that’s what makes it so fun.
Sounds yummy xx

Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

Emma Heming Willis says:

So sweet!! This is a keeper xx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Oh good to know!! I went to one in cross river. I would tell you the highway number but I have ZERO clue!!!

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