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If there’s something I’ve learned since becoming a mom is when a fever hits your child try not to panic. Monitor it, but don’t panic. Let their bodies do what it’s suppose to and let that fever kill off as much of the virus as it can. So what do I do when a fever hits my babies? I go into panic mode. Call the doctor. How far is the emergency room mode.

For the past few days Mabel’s temperature has been on a roller coaster and so have my anxiety levels. I normally try to err on the side of caution when asking Google for answers, but this read seemed to calm my own fever fears down a tad.

So even though Mabel seems to be on the mend, we decided to put our New Years Eve plans on hold. My night of fun turned into me obsessively taking her temperature. At some point I hope to put into practice what I’ve learned. But seeing I don’t have that kind of courage just yet, I doubt it will be happening for me anytime soon.

What course of action do you take when a fever strikes your child?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx


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Mimi Miller says:

Sorry to hear you are all sick. My whole house was sick last week and it stinks. My five year old daughter’s temperature rose steadily and when she got to 103+ I called the doctor and got her in that day. Luckily it was just an ear infection due to something viral and antibiotics have helped. But I googled fevers as well and learned to let it fight it on it’s own unless it’s over 103. Something is going on up here in the area, everyone I know is sick. Hope you all get better soon.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Mabel had the same thing! She had an ear infection too. But she was also just sick a few weeks ago. What ever is going around is not good. Hope your daughter is better now 🙂 xx

Kathleen says:

FEAR = LOVE – my mom is 90 – I sneeze – “what’s wrong, are you sick, put your shoes on” – ;-D always her little girl – even though I am now the mom helping her. You are doing wonderfully – you wants your babies healthy, happy and safe – they don’t come with an instruction manual so you talk about it here, you ask & share, gaining insight and breathing a sigh of relief when others share their experiences. You are always going to be learning. You’ve seen those Luvs commercials – the first child, the gilrl wants to hold the baby – the mom coats her in hand sanitizer – by the second child, she is handing the baby to the mechanic with greasy hands. One day, you will hand Mabel to Bruce while on the set when he is covered in dirt & mud – All good. HA! Happy New Year – have a wonderful day & week! =Kathleen

Emma Heming Willis says:

And you are so right! I still feel like a first time mom :/ Both my kids are so different. And you just want them to remain healthy and safe all the time. But…. Life. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Summer says:

I am the same way with fevers. I know I’m supposed to let them run their course but they freak me out. Sick kids, especially when they’re your own, are always a source on anxiety for me. Hoping Mabel gets better soon. And hopefully no one else gets sick. Sending my love!! Xoxo

Emma Heming Willis says:

Summer we all got what Mabel had! And now Evelyn has it too 🙁 Hope for it to be a thing of the past soon 🙂

Roxanne says:

I just wanted to start by saying I love your blog. Your honesty and openness is quite refreshing. My two boys are older now but I do have young grandchildren. It’s hard not to get in panic mode even now. I think mom’s are natural born worry warts. Lol. Fevers can be scary sometimes. One of my boys used to get really high fevers when he would get sick. I used to heat up the bathroom and let him play in the tub in lukewarm water when they would get too high. Then we would lay on the couch and read or play with our puppets. ( to this day I have puppets on the back of my couch lol ) Unfortunately fevers and sickies are just part of raising our children. Just know that your not alone in the panic and fear mode. It happens to all of us. We love our children ( and grandchildren ) so much that it just can’t be helped. Thanks for sharing with all of us and giving us the opportunity to do the same. Hope you all get better soon.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you for sharing! I love the puppet story.
It’s nice hearing from someone that’s been there and done that 🙂 I’m such a worry wart! It comes with the territory now :/

Cindy Wheeler says:

I have 3 boys ages 5, 9 and 17. They have had their fair share of sickness and it makes me feel so helpless when I can’t make them feel any better. As a parent we do the best we can to keep them happy and snot free, if I could place them in a bubble and away from all the germs would be great. But unfortunately, going to school they will pick up many nasty colds, but luckily it will build their immunity up against some. Good luck with your kiddos and family, I hope you all start feeling better and the fevers break soon!

Emma Heming Willis says:

A bubble would be perfect for my kids :/ I WISH!! Thank you for taking the time to post. xx

Gail says:

Hi Emma! So sorry to hear that everyone is sick. These Winter viruses are just awful. I totally agree with you about the fevers, I am the same way, checking my girls’ temperatures constantly when they are ill. As a Mommy it is so hard not to worry about our kids. I honestly think my husband would like to hide the thermometer from me at times! When my babies are sick with fevers we try the lukewarm bath followed by some light pajamas. If they are too sick for a bath I usually let them stay in their onesie and diaper and cover them in a light blanket while we cuddle. My husband and daughter had influenza last week and my nine month old caught it from them. Her fever hit 103.4 and I was so scared because she is so little. She had influenza in addition to a double ear infection. It is hard not to panic about a fever so high in a little one, I felt like a first time mom and she is actually my fourth daughter. With time, and a few calls to my own mom, I felt better and just let her sleep in my arms while the fever passed. She was fine within a few days, but I was exhausted and the battery on my thermometer was probably worn out too! I hope that you are all feeling better very soon and I wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2015!

Julia-Selina says:

Hi Emma,

Oh … I hope you are all better soon. I only know that our mother gave us a lot of chamomile tea and biscuits. And cold compresses. Oh … and love very much, we were quickly back healthy.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Kiss and Hugs JUlia

anja says:

I am not a mother but I do have one 🙂 and if I was a child and had fever she put cold wet towels around my legs (from knie to food) and I think it did help! I hope everyone is feeling better today and I wish all of you a wonderful day! xoxoxo anja :o) Dreamy

Emma Heming Willis says:

Wonderful advice! Thank you for sharing!!

Mary wiles says:

So clever and kind of you emma to bring people together like this to share information and experiences ! Hope u feel better soon ! Love mary xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

You’re so sweet Mary. Miss you!!

Julia-Selina says:

Dear Emma,

I saw today in the German TV that kisses are to make healthy. Unfortunately, I do not understand why, because my cat would not let me alone.

Kiss and Hugs Julia

Audrey says:

I love this blog! I’ve been told that I am way too over protective… and I disagree. That’s my job. After losing a child you take NOTHING for granted. A fever is one of those things. Worry is a reaction that we were programmed with to keep our families safe. I have been training myself through prayer that I can’t live in fear. Fear prevents us from living. Worry heightens our common sense….Fear makes us sick. I head down that path and let go and give it to God. Thomas has a horrible cough…. I gave him a few days (no longer has a temp) and even if it’s nothing he will see the Dr today. I can’t change it…if they get sick but I can pray. I’m worried…. but I’m okay. My anxiety over the health and welfare of my family would inevitably break me…they would sense my fear and panic themselves teaching them to live in fear from all my fears.
Cool compresses, fever reducer, lots of fluids, boredom busters, comforting words, favorite foods and prayer.

I love your blog

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you for sharing Audrey. I’m sorry to hear about the lose of your child. I can only imagine a tragedy of that magnitude would of course make you protective. And as a parent we suppose to be. No one else would pay attention to every detail that we do as mothers. God bless you and your family.
Thank you for the fever advice xxx

Sarah says:

Hi Emma,
Your blogs are simply delightful and by the way happy new year!
Sorry to hear Mabel wasn’t too well, you’re not alone and speaking from my own experiences, I’m great at reviewing information, dishing out advice but when it happens to me and my baby who really just wants you, it’s not hard to feel all that pressure. I’ve tried to not panic and I’ve succumbed to it by driving to the emergency doctor’s for them to say it’s a fever, make her comfortable, keep fluids up, give her some pamol. But then Ok then it happened again not long after and I waited because I didn’t want to seem like I was overreacting again and looking like a lunatic. Anyway my gut said she’s not right, not responding to the medication to bring the temp down, she’s uncomfortable, she’s real hot – I took her to the doctor’s who confirmed she had an ear infection. I believe that it’s about being there for them and making sure that they have the pain relief nearby to take the temp down, keeping them hydrated, lots of cuddles and patience. I tend to sleep with my little one when she’s sick so I know where she is at and in case she wakes up during the night upset.

Emma Heming Willis says:

I sleep with Mabel as well when she’s sick too. So I can keep a close eye on how she’s doing. When you are in the heat of the moment its hard to relax but those are key points to dealing with a fever. Mabel had an ear infection too. We had to put her on a course of antibiotics to treat the infection and the terrible cough as well. She much better. But the whole house became sick soon after she was better :/
Thanks for sharing xx

EIleen SInclair says:

so sorry to hear your family havebeen ill over the festive period, I am now a grandmother to four and remember well when my children had fevers and ear infections ,this is probably an old wives tale but it was passed down from my grandmother and is still used when our little one is ill, fill a sock with warm salt and place it against the ear, the heat from the salt soothes the pain, this is a God send if infection sets in quickly and antibiotics aren’t readily available ,love your blog x

Emma Heming Willis says:

Oh I Love this!! Mabel had an ear infection and wish i had this gem 🙂
Thank you for sharing

Christin Prizelius says:

Dearest Emma
It is such a pleasure to find and read your blog. I am Christin from Hamburg/Germany, 32 years old and mother of a three-year-old boy. I just wanted to let you know that I love it how you share „the real life“ with us and not only the (we call it) „high-polished life“ of the celebrities… I´m sure it means a great help for many other (even single) mothers. Especially I liked your quotation “This blog is not about how to do things the „right way“. In my minds eye it is definitely the „right signal“… Thank you very much!!
Warm greetings from Germany, Christin and Finn

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