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The kids are back in school, which frees up some time for me in the mornings, so now I can really get a good workout in. I try to do some form of exercise at least 3 to 4 times per week. My preferred workout of the moment is spinning. It’s 45 minutes, it’s intense and it works. I also LOVE a bar class. I find working out is my secret weapon to dealing with my mommy brain and just feeling good.

Last week I talked about my own back-to-school uniform on the off mornings I’m not dropping off kids and running to the gym. Now let’s talk about dropping off in your work-out gear. Let me just say that workout clothes have come a LONG way from those loosey leggings and old ragged Ts. Workout clothes are so hip these days you can wear them even if you’re not on your way to the gym.

Take a look at some of my favorites of the moment:

High Waist Legging : I’m all about a high-waist-anything these days and especially in a workout legging. It just holds everything in and in place where you don’t need to think twice about it.

Capris: I love wearing a Capri when I spin. Check out the cut-out details on the side! Or how about these from Old Navy that are a steal!

Let me just say that workout clothes have come a LONG way...

Sweatpants: If you like a sweatpant these are not only comfortable they are CUTE. I could see myself running around town in these!

Basic Tank : I like spinning in tanks. The less clothes you have touching your skin the better because it gets hot in there! Or how about this one for a little fun .

Detailed T : I love a peek-a-boo detail! And this is a great basic T that you can’t go wrong with.

Bras : I like adding color under my T’s and tanks. I love this bra for that reason plus the straps add a little something special. Check out this red one from H&M!

Hoodie : I’m a big fan of a hoodie. And especially ones that are a little longer in the back to cover the bum. I just throw it on over my workout gear and I’m good to go.

Here’s a hot tip. If you are having a problem finding time to get in the gym, schedule it in. We schedule appointments and playdates so schedule your workout. That really helped me to organize my workout into my day without any excuses.

Emma xx

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Lori says:

Love the variety of styles and prices you include in your posts!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thanks! I’m a sucker for a good deal xx

Carli says:

Hi emma, hope you are well and the family.
Ive been doing clubercise recently and ive just started a new class called pound, its absolutely brilliant you should look it up on youtube if you haven’t heard of it.
Brill chance to wear some funky workout stuff x

Emma Heming Willis says:

I will! I love hearing about now workouts and I have not heard of this. Thanks!!!

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