From Homeschooling to Self-Care: Parenting During COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has pushed us all to adjust our daily habits and routines. For many families, remote working and homeschooling are part of the new normal.

With summer winding down and COVID-19 still in the news, a lot of parents are wondering what the 2020 back-to-school season will be like. We know it won’t be the same as before . Should we expect schools to reopen? Should we look into long term homeschool setup ideas now?

Here’s what I’m planning to do – and have been doing – for and with my school-age kids.

How Should We Approach Parenting During COVID-19?

Parents now juggle teleworking, entertaining and teaching their kids, and maintaining a clean and well-stocked household.

My take: communicate, encourage positivity, and breathe. It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling. Parenting isn’t easy – and a global pandemic only adds more pressure.

I’m enjoying the extra time I get to spend with my little ones, but I make it a point to get some peace and quiet, too. Self-care is part of good parenting . More on this later!

We talk more often – sometimes about COVID-19 – and spend time together. Maintaining routine and normalcy is important to them as it is to me, so these moments are often structured if not on a strict schedule.

What Does Your Homeschool Setup Look Like?

One of the best homeschooling tips I’ve come across is that it’s important to know how your child learns . Some kids like to be independent. Others learn better in groups or with one-on-one teaching.

When it comes to homeschool setup ideas, there’s the notion that three distinct spaces for learning – close together or far apart – can help foster an atmosphere that can minimize boredom or stress and boost focus:

  • A distraction-free surface: This can be anything from the kitchen table to a small desk, where your child can study and participate in online learning without any distractions.
  • A comfortable corner: Your child will be reading more often, maybe more than they ever have. Encourage the habit by making it a cozy experience. A top bunk with many pillows or a blanket fort are great options.
  • A sprawling creative space: Arts and crafts sometimes require a surface bigger than a desk, and there will be projects that will span more than a day. If it’s not possible for your child to take over the dining table or the floor, consider a folding table that can easily be put away.

Not everyone can maintain three separate learning areas. If you’re working with limited space, give your child a crate or container to store school supplies. Organize papers and other items in clear plastic envelopes and totes. This technique makes it easy to change up homeschooling spots as needed.

Parents: Are You Making Time for Self-Care?

Even if it’s only for 30 to 60 minutes a day, you need some downtime . If you’re the sole parent or guardian of your household, it’s okay to allow some extra screen time. It’s essential to find time and space to disengage from your responsibilities and ground yourself.

I mentioned self-care earlier and I can’t say this enough: paying attention to your own needs is part of being a good parent. As a homeschooling tip, this is a must.

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