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My oldest daughter Mabel is in preschool and does the extended day with all her friends, which means she has lunch at school. I try to get as creative as I can when it comes to her lunch box contents—not always easy. I’ve had a lot of help along the way from Catherine McCord’s site called Weelicious to give me some great ideas. If you haven’t checked her site out, it’s a must!

What I’ve come to realize about Mabel, is that she has an eye for presentation! So although I may not knock it out of the park every time, I have found ways to try to make her lunch box cute and appealing by slightly dressing it up. But really the most important thing here is that she eats. I would hate to think she’s going hungry at school! So by making it appealing to her, I got her right where I want her 😉

Here are some accessories that we have in rotation …

So although I may not knock it out of the park every time, I have found ways to try to make her lunch box cute and appealing by slightly dressing it up...

Bento Lunch Box : I love using a bento box because it cuts down on using plastic baggies. You see exactly how many lunch items you need and it’s all in one place! If you do need baggies try these reusable ones from Bumkins.  I love them because they’re washable and they have an adorable variety of patterns.

Cool Coolers : If you get the bento it’s already insulated. I add this inside her lunch box carrier just to give it a little extra cooling. The Cook cooler works great for a lunch box too.

Sandwich cutters : These are just fun with sweet shapes to take a boring sandwich to another level.

Spork : For when I include some yogurt or what not. Or these bamboo ones are great too!

Decorative toothpicks : Sometimes I cut up cheese or fruit and make little kabobs with them. Or instead of a regular sandwich, I’ll roll up some cheese and turkey and hold it together with the toothpick. Or these pinwheel ones are sweet. Obviously, these are sharp little things that could hurt someone but Mabel knows the rules on how to use them. So just be mindful and maybe give your child some guidelines about toothpick safety beforehand!  

Lunchbox Napkins : Again to cut back on our waste, instead of using paper napkins I like this cloth option.

Egg Molds : Mabel loves a hard boiled egg sometimes and these have worked out great for us.

Cozy Can : I give Mabel water in her lunch and these Cozy Can’s are great because they keep her drink cold for up to 8 hours. But if you like the idea of juice these Juice boxes seem interesting or you can use them for water too.

Lunch Box : And to throw it all into and go!


Emma xxx

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Hazel Jane says:

Looks very nice. I feel kids will eat when they are hungry so don’t feel the necessity to try and get them to eat.

Christina Q Ford says:

You don’t have to worry about your lunch because you have made it the night before. Around 11 am you feel a little hungry so you reach into your snack box and grab a cereal bar. This keeps you going until lunchtime, when you tuck into a healthy pre made lunch. You find that you are revitalized and full of energy and are ready to tackle the rest of the day. You arrive home feeling good about how the day has gone.

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