Getting Your Skin Ready For Spring…

Living on the East Coast I can’t tell you how dry my skin becomes in winter. I have to really double up on the hydration factor during those dry winter months. More water , body oils and creams, especially for my feet!

With spring coming, it’s time to shed our winter skin and get ready to bare our arms, legs, and toes!

Here are some ways I’ve been prepping my skin for spring and the great thing is that it’s really simple …


First up is exfoliation. I go about this in two ways. First are these shower mitts I cannot live without. It exfoliates and invigorates my skin. I put my shower gel right on them and scrub away. The tip is to buy 2–one for each hand! Just saves you time.

Then comes a good body scrub. I’ve made them in the past , which works so well but now I have my own brand of body scrub so I’m using that. We use the coconut husk as the exfoliant and coconut oil as the base so once rinsed off, you feel silky and smooth as can be. But if you aren’t in Europe, CocoBaba isn’t available worldwide just yet. But don’t fret, I have another product I love–Heaven on Main Street’s Salt of the Earth body scrub . In a base of sea salt, sugar, almond oil and coconut oil it’s so nourishing and smells divine.

While my skin is still wet, I apply my body oil. Coconut oil is something I love having in the shower. I slather it all over my damp body and lightly towel off. Coconut oil is healing, nourishing and great for sensitive skin as well. But for a little extra indulgence try this body oil by UMA . Their anti-aging body oil is so luxurious, it feels like heaven when you put it on. You just get this feeling you’re doing something great for your skin. Don’t even get me started about the smell! It’s glorious.

My favs...

We use the coconut husk as the exfoliant and coconut oil as the base so once rinsed off, you feel silky and smooth as can be...


During the winter months I make sure I give my feet a good scrub with a pumice stone . As spring started giving hints it was just about to make its appearance, I made sure I was scrubbing them daily. I have a few products on rotation. Aquaphor is great for heels. I usually apply a lot and throw some moisturizing socks on like these . Another product I’m loving and have been using on my elbows, knees and heels is The Balm by Georgia Louise . It’s a multipurpose product. It can also be used as a cleanser to wash your makeup off. It’s just an overall great product and so nourishing. My skin (and heels) eats it up.

I’m excited to show a bit of skin–I’m sick of bundling up! Happy spring!

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