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My family and I were recently introduced to a wonderful local volunteer organization called FAVORS , which allows the whole family to get involved. FAVORS meets once a month on a Sunday for 2 to 3 hours to provide assistance within the community. The way it is structured, one of the FAVORS members chooses a project and organizes it. The other members are notified of the event and then come together with children in tow to participate.

As we know, our children emulate what they see and hear–(watch those expletives! :). So, I figure if my children see how important I feel it is to give back to our community, I hope it will foster that same sense of altruism within them too.

This particular Sunday Mabel and I, and many other families, met at the food pantry, which is connected to a local church, and organized their pantry by separating out any of the canned foods that might have expired and replenished them with some fresh ones we, as well as the other members, had brought. This food pantry serves families in need and provides them with four days of complete meals.

Children learn by example and I am striving to set the best I can for mine...

Mabel and her other friends were very engaged and had fun while they worked. Afterwards I took Mabel for a little treat and explained to her how important her work today had been. I wanted her to understand that it is our duty to help others in need as not everyone is as fortunate as she is. I also wanted to break it down in small morsels so as not to overwhelm her. She seemed to understand and asked about doing more to help other children.

Although I’m sure she’s not fully aware of my role as Ambassador for Room To Grow , she has watched me as I participate and work with this extraordinary organization. And she can sense how much time and energy I devote to RtG. Children learn by example and I am striving to set the best I can for mine. Mabel and all of her sister’s have helped raise money for the organization in fun ways as well.

I’m so happy we found FAVORS as it’s a wonderful way to participate in charitable works where the whole family can be engaged and educated on the importance of sharing and giving back.

Would love to hear how you’ve been able to get your kids involved within your community too!

I hope everyone shared a beautiful Thanksgiving. Tis the season!


Emma xx

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