Grape Caterpillar Snacks…

If there’s one common theme in our household with my children it’s snacks. My kids love a snack ! We actually call them a “combo mix.” I have a kid round plate with three compartments and I have to fill all three with something or other. So it would normally be, for instance a nut, a fruit and a cracker. I change it up of course but that’s the gist. Which in time just gets boring. So I like to have a little fun with our snacks and so my kids can have a little fun and not get burned out of the same ole same ole.

Try these. They are sure to put a smile on their faces.

What you’ll need:

Green or red grapes

Long wooden kabob sticks 

Pretzel sticks 

White icing 

Wilton Black Gel 

Small snack bag for piping

Skewer your grapes till you fill your kabob stick. Add a dime size of white icing to the corner of your snack bag and make the smallest cut to the corner. This will be your piping bag to make the whites of the eyes on your last grape on your stick. In the other corner do the same but with our black gel to make the pupils. Add your pretzel sticks under the grapes. If you find your caterpillar is rolling around, just add a little white icing to the middle of the sticks to act “as glue.”

Please share any cute snack ideas you might have below!

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Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

Usually not a “bug” fan but your grape caterpillar is too cute! I have a couple with grapes, bananas and strawberries but they’re a bit hard to explain without the ability to add a photo.

Emma Heming Willis says:

I’m not a bug fan either, lol! But just a cute idea for the kids. Fun to change it up once in awhile xx

Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

I finally found the original post…

Emma Heming Willis says:

How adorable!

Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

Glad you liked this snack idea. For even more variety, I’ve also seen these banana “dolphins” with Goldfish crackers in their “mouths”…LOL!

Jeremy Lees says:

Oh my goodness. SO clever! I can’t wait to try this with our boys! Thanks for the fun food idea, Emma!

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