Green Monster Soup

I hope you are all doing as well you can in these unprecedented times we are facing. For myself I have to stay present and take this day by day because when I start thinking too far downstream, that’s when I really start to spin out. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing for me and because I know that about myself, I have to stay in the moment. Easier said than done, right? But I do try!

So, what can I do for myself today? Well today I’m focusing on immune boosting supplements and foods. My nutritionist for the past 10 years, Debra Delson sent me this great vegan immune boosting Green Monster Soup recipe. The combination of vegetables, roots, herbs and seasoning all work together to pump up immune response and healing processes from a cellular level.

This recipe yields enough to last you the week and freeze some for later…




heads of garlic


head broccoli


head cauliflower


bag pre-washed cut up spinach


head of Swiss chard or kale




small red potatoes, if they are large then 4 (this thickens your soup naturally)


head cilantro


green apple, skin on

Put all the vegetables in a big soup pot, cover with water to ¼ below the top of the pot. Season with Celtic sea salt, must be Celtic, has minerals your body needs, otherwise don’t use salt! Because I didn’t have the Celtic salt I used plenty of lemon instead. Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer and cover so the water doesn’t all evaporate. Let simmer for an hour. You want all the veggies cooked until soft. Then turn off the heat, uncover and let cool down. If you have a hand held blender stick, use that, easiest. If not ladle soup into blender, must be cooled. Blend the soup until creamy and fully pureed.

Enjoy! And stay well.

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Audrey Ferauge says:

I find It great and good, a vegetarian recipe that speaks To me. Because i love cooking with local and seasonal products. A recipe To make as soon as possible.
Thanks Emma

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