Handmade Valentine’s Cards…

I’m old fashioned in the sense that I love stationary  and sending cards to family and friends for any reason. I’m trying to instill that value in my kids by getting them in the habit of sending thank you notes, as well as cards for any appropriate occasion. So, Valentines is a perfect time to put this into motion by making some handmade cards for our family from the girls. I loved this easy idea I saw on Pinterest , we had to recreate it!

What you’ll need:

Craft Smith Paper Pad in pinks & corals or construction paper



And a cute little hand

Take your paper and fold in half. Place your child’s hand on the paper with their thumb and pointer finger just off the folded side. Trace their hand and cut hand out. When you open you should see a cute heart. Add a sweet Valentine’s message, decorate to your liking and you’re finished!


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Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

These “hand” made Valentines are just too cute…I guarantee that they will put a big smile on the faces of all who receive them!
P.S. – Evelyn, I love your tee shirt!

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