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Who knew there was such a thing as National Handwriting Day?! I’m alllll for it! Is there a parade? 😉  I’ve talked about my trials and tribulations related to Mommy Brain , so believe me when I say writing stuff down is key for helping me remember things. I find when I actually put pen to paper I remember better.
According to Mental Floss , one of the most effective ways to study and retain new information is to rewrite your notes by hand.

I think we all can agree, the benefits to writing by hand definitely go well beyond posterity, however, who doesn’t love coming across an old handwritten note or recipe from grandma? In fact, I have a keepsake folder that has every personal card, letter and note that has meant something to me. It’s quite a collection that I’ve built over the years and I cherish it dearly. Sadly, with the rise of technology, the days of a handwritten note or letter has fallen to the wayside. I’m no stickler for proper etiquette, but I am definitely a huge proponent of the handwritten thank you card. My girls even have their own stationary. More about that in the coming weeks!! Beyond notes and letters, I think journaling  is also a great venue for the handwritten. I find when I brainstorm, or even when making to-do lists, I’m more successful when I write it out. I thought this article by Lifehack was particularly inspiring about why you should take the time to write something every day. Their top reason to write related to stress relief. Literally getting it out of your head and putting it on paper. Writing is therapeutic and also a great way to sweep your mind of any forgotten tasks that accumulated throughout the day.

I find when I actually put pen to paper I remember better...

Now that you know why you should write by hand, you need to have the best tools, right?! I really like these journals from Moleskin . Or how about this sketchbook ? It is perfect for artistic types who need a little sketching space to go along with their handwritten words. I use my journal to make lists of what needs to be accomplished for the week ahead. I like this quote that starts this journal off . If you want to get fancy, then this Italian red leather journal is just for you. This softcover journal from Urban Outfitters is leafy fresh. If you want to tip your hat to 70’s style embossed leather, then this owl cutie journal  is perfection. Don’t forget your pen !

What is the last thing you wrote by hand? If it’s been a long time, I hope I can inspire you pick up that pen and paper and get started. Your mind and memory will thank you for it.

Here’s to National Handwriting Day!


Emma xx


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Rosemary (AreKay) Knapp says:

Congratulations, Mabel. I love your autograph…thanks so much! Also, Emma, I’m forwarding this blog to B’s friend Heidi (aka “Grandster” from our days) who is an avid OWL collector and WHOO’ll love the owl cutie journal. Hope you guys enjoy the snow…have fun but stay safe and warm!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Hehe. I thought it was cute too 🙂 Let’s see what she thinks xxx

Eileen Sinclair says:

How refreshing to read your blog about the art of handwriting , I was appalled to read recently about Finland’s decision to stop teaching children the art in favour of the keyboard even though it is through that means that I write this,I have taught my children and in turn they have taught their own that a hand written Thankyou letter is a precious thing, so when the envelope popped through the letter box today all the way from Tasmania with the carefully sculpted letters of a four and six year old my heart melted, would it be the same if typed out? I don’t think so,keep up the great Emma x

Emma Heming Willis says:

I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure that card will be kept for a long time! Precious xxx

Francesca says:

I always keep a notebook by my bed for all of those late night thoughts and ideas for my travel blog… plus, I read an article that suggested keeping a diary or journal and writing one sentence per day as a way to document your life. It’s really easy to keep up with because you don’t feel the need to fill an entire page or write a novel-length entry about what’s going on in your life (which can seem daunting at times and is often a common deterrent for keeping a diary). But, just one sentence per day… and so far, I’ve kept up with mine since January 1st of this year!!

Emma Heming Willis says:

That’s a great idea. And sounds totally doable. Keep it up. It’ll be interesting to look back on!

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