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I don’t know about you but for some reason I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out what we’re going to get the girls this year for Christmas. With Evelyn being 19 months and Mabel 3, I want to find gifts that they will use and love and not toys that will get shoved aside. It’s also trying to find that balance of not going over board in the gift giving arena. Sometimes less is really more. Now I know my uncertainty isn’t a good start to my Holiday Gift Guide but hang in there… I’m giving you my top 5 gifts that my kids have Loved, that ARE standing the test of time and my top 5 ideas of what I’m loving and considering for my girls this year…


The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle : This was given to Mabel on her 2nd Birthday. It’s set up in her bedroom and kids love it. They can sit and entertain themselves with this castle for extended periods of time and to me that’s gold. Here are the accessories to the castle which really made it all come to life. Also another option is the Medieval Castle .

The Anywhere Chair : This chair really can go anywhere and it does! We move it to their rooms so they can read, to in front of the TV for dare I say some screen time. It’s also been constructed by yours truly to become a fort numerous times. Easy to wash as well. We have got our money’s worth out of them.

Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Block Set : Mabel is really into building blocks and Evelyn is really into knocking down what ever Mabel builds :/ I love watching Mabel build her cities, rocket ships and boats. It’s also just a nice low impact activity that I love doing with my girls.

B. Symphony No. 2 : This was given to Mabel on her 1stbirthday. My kids love to get the music going on this one. They arrange the different instruments to get new sounds and dance their hearts out. The fact that it is still up and running is a miracle to me. They have got some serious mileage out of this music box and I don’t see it going out of style in our house anytime soon.

Birdie Book Series : My girls love to read. I’ve talked many times about this special book series by Sujean Rim . It’s still a favorite in our household. The fact that there are 5 Birdie books to choose from keeps it new and fresh to them. We love Birdie and I think you will too!

I want to find gifts that they will use and love and not toys that will get shoved aside...
My girls favorite chairs

Hopeful Gift Ideas

Magna Tiles : With Mabel and her love of building, I think these magnetic tiles are right up her alley!

Pinhole Press Photo Books : I came across this great gift idea for Evelyn on Pinterest . Evelyn can sit around for long periods of time browsing at books. So why not add her families faces in a book! I think she’ll love it. I also LOVED this Memory Game  for Mabel. The company has a lot of fun personalized gifts which I always find such a thoughtful present that will most definitely stand the test of time.

Two In One Game Set : This oversized badminton set just looks like fun (for Bruce and I!! hehe) Maybe a little too early for Mabel but who knows! So I’m going to give this one a shot.

Tic Tac Toe Game Mat : With Mabel venturing into the gaming spectrum, I thought this set would be fun for her and I to play around with.

Baa-Baa-Barn Farm House : Evelyn LOVES animals. Between the noises from the farm animals and songs, she’s going to love this!

I hope this helps ease some holiday shopping anxiety for you! Please send me some ideas too… PLEASE!!


Emma xxx

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diane says:

I’ve always loved Discovery Toys….really good quality and durability. In fact, we have a set of their “Measure Up” cups that are on their second generation. They also have amazing floor puzzles!

Emma Heming Willis says:

I’ll look them up!! Thank you xxxx

Julia-Selina says:

Hi Emma,
I think it’s really great that their toys buys where your daughters can live out their fantasy. It is very important that children live out their fantasies in games.
The chairs are so great. That would be something for my niece. This year she gets from us a sled. Although there is still no snow. ^^
What I think is great, is the memory – game. That you can even make yourself and I believe with your images, it would be a very great gift for your two children.
Emma, you do not let stress. Your children there thank you with a smile shine, no matter what you give them now.

Kiss and Hugs Julia ^^

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you Julia oxoxoxox

Carli says:

Hi Emma
Im back to reading your blog now that things have calmed down a bit with a new baby in the house, ive just purchsed a leap frog world map for theo my 4yr old it comes with a pen that u can touch areas of the world and it will speak to u about that country etc.

I also love jigsaws for theo as its a chance for us to play together but i have found some that are interactive for example you have a jigsaw for the centre and then around the edge you have puzzles that you solve based on the image, how many carrots is sven eating from frozen for example, u then use a pen to touch the correct answer and it will react if you get the correct one.
I find these very good for kids entering the number and letter stage xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Oh Leap Frog World Map. I’ll look that up!
All terrific suggestions! Thank you xxxx

Claudia says:

Hi Emma,
my favorite toys are balancing bikes. My sons startet to use them with 18 Month and they learnd to ride bicycle without training wheels with three years.
The toys my sons used the most was the combination of a wooden kitchen and a wooden food store. They loved to go shopping and than cook for us dinner. The Mellissa and Doug play money and a cash register with working calculator helped them practice math and lived with us for 6 years. (3 years old till 9 years old).

Emma Heming Willis says:

I love the balance bike idea! Mabel is ready for that for sure!! Thanks for the suggestions xxx

Teresa says:

A great gift for Christmas are the OMY giant coloring posters. They are terrific maps for kids to color. I bought the Paris one in Paris in September, but was just at the MOMA store in Soho and picked up the New York one. I’m giving it to my daughter who is a freshman at Fordham University to hang on her wlall. I figure it would be cute for them to color in the dorm room while their hanging out over the next 4 years! I’ll back it and frame around but keep the front opened How cute for kids to color over a period of time. They have a USA one too!

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