Homemade Ice Pops: The Secret to Guilt-Free Summer Snacking

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly snack recipe that’s a breeze to customize, homemade ice pops are a great option.

Did you know the popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old ? There’s nothing complicated about making ice pops, healthy or not – even toddlers will have fun helping out. You can turn this kitchen project into an exciting mommy-and-me activity, too.

Are Ice Pops Really a Healthy Choice for the Whole Family?

Not all ice pops are healthy. In fact, most of them aren’t! The popsicles you can buy at the supermarket are often made with artificial colorings and flavorings.

Even pre-packaged real fruit popsicles are not automatically healthy. Always check the list of ingredients for preservatives and sugar content. A single small ice pop can contain as much as eight grams of sugar or about two teaspoons.

Whoa! That’s enough for me to want to create more nutritious alternatives for me and my family.

Homemade ice pops are like homemade ice cream , which I also love to make. It’s much easier to figure out healthy serving sizes and think of wholesome substitutions when you’re hands-on.

What You Need to Whip up Easy Homemade Popsicles

You may already have everything necessary to make healthy ice pops. Check your pantry and fridge for the requirements listed below.

1. Popsicle Molds

You can’t make ice pops without these. I love my removable pop molds from Zoku – it fits in my freezer door and comes with convenient sticks and drip guards.

No reusable molds? No problem. You can use craft sticks and three-ounce waxed paper cups. Instead of holding the mold under running water to release the frozen pop inside, just peel off the paper.

2. Fruits and/or Fruit Juices

Many fruits are considered superfoods – for kids and adults – because they’re typically high in fiber and essential nutrients. Fresh melon and berries are popular options, especially antioxidant-rich blueberries .

It doesn’t get simpler than pouring 100 percent fruit juice into pop molds to make real fruit popsicles. Mix in pureed fruit to make different flavor combinations. For a variety of textures as well as flavors, fill pop molds with small chunks or slices of fruit before pouring in juice or puree.

Do you have a favorite fruit-based smoothie recipe? You can probably use the same method to make healthy ice pops.

3. A Freezer and a Little Patience

This might be the most difficult part of making easy homemade popsicles. Pop molds need to stay in the freezer for about six to eight hours before the ice pops can be served.

Consider making a big batch of several different flavors at a time, especially if you have more than one child or several people in the house with a sweet tooth.

What Else Can You Put in Homemade Ice Pops?

Real fruit popsicles are just the beginning. You can really get creative with your healthy ice pops.

Some suggestions: Pureed vegetables, like sweet potatoes or carrots, provide a vitamin A boost. Coconut milk or Greek yogurt adds dairy-free creaminess. Honey or maple syrup can be used to adjust the sweetness. Some recipes even include chia seeds or granola to add fiber.

There are so many flavor and ingredient possibilities to choose from. Let your imagination run wild!

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