How and why to celebrate Women’s History Month…

As women, our daily lives are stuffed with festivities we celebrate with our loved ones; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, Independence Day, you name it. And it’s all too common to forget the special month set aside to celebrate ourselves as women: Women’s History Month. Every year, the month of March pays special homage to women and their important efforts and contributions in our history.

Though this is a relatively new holiday ( est. 1981 ), it has become an important time to reflect on the often overlooked or under-appreciated contributions and achievements of women throughout history.

If you’re reading this, I’ll show you why and how you should celebrate Women’s History Month.

Why should I celebrate IWD?

Let me quickly bust a couple of popular myths. Celebrating Women’s History Month does not make you “a feminist,” “a misandrist,”  “pro-matriarchy,” or “anti-man.” (No prejudice against these groups, by the way).  Commemorating this holiday means celebrating the women who have worked hard shape the world as we know it today. 

How can I celebrate Women’s History Month?

Give Accolades to Women

Is there any woman in your family, friends circle, network, or region who has greatly impacted you? International Women’s Day is the best day to give that amazing woman her “flowers.” 

You can pay a tribute by acknowledging them on social media, writing them a thoughtful letter/note, or supporting their business.

Hang out with the Girls

What better time for a time out with the fellow women in your life than during Women’s History Month? You don’t have to go overboard, especially if you and your girlfriends lead busy lives.

You can host a great movie date at home with your best girls after a hectic day. All you need is pajamas, popcorn, chocolate, wine, and lots of tissue paper (when the tears start rolling!). 

Here are our top picks for movies celebrating iconic female power, both real and fictional; Hidden Figures, On the Basis of Sex, and A League of Their Own.

Educate Yourself

When was the last time you took a moment to simply learn about a woman and her contributions to history or modern day achievements? As busy women, it can be hard to take the time to do this, so I am encouraging you to set aside a few moments to educate yourself this Women’s History Month. 

You can do this in whatever way best suits your schedule and interests. Take the time to browse a few articles about women’s historical contributions, read a book about an impressive, female, historical figure, or watch a movie or documentary. You’ll likely find yourself feeling more appreciative of the often overlooked contributions of women, awed by the strong women who let nothing stop them from achieving their goals, and inspired to chase your own dreams.

Rock the Color Purple

An easy way to show solidarity with women worldwide and everything that supports our gender is wearing purple-colored outfits. This is a bold yet simple statement of support and recognition.

Donate to a cause

Extra, extra busy this month? Use a few minutes of your free time to learn about different empowerment platforms for women and donate to a platform that appeals to you. Your act of service to humanity and women will help change lives.

Gift – Giving

Gift-giving should not be restricted to popular events alone. Women’s History Month is a superb opportunity to show your appreciation for the amazing women in your life, and there’s always something special to gift your fellow women as a show of this. Make them feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated with thoughtful presents. 

The Ultimate Moisture Body Bundle is an excellent prize for all women; busy moms, pregnant women, nursing mothers, on-the-go career women, your mom, aunties, and even your grandma!

All women are wonderful and unique. Honoring women during their special month will give you an idea of what women have accomplished, the great strides we’re taking, and what more is to be done.



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