How to Enhance your Well-Being This Summer for Wellness Month…

The 2020 pandemic took a huge toll on us, and even a year later, some of us are still trying to get our lives together.

Meeting the demands of our careers, being there for our families, dealing with economic crises, and climate change can be daunting tasks. And failure to take a break to recharge, rejuvenate, and rewind from the hustle and bustle of our daily life can wreak havoc on our health sooner than later. And this is why self-care and holistic wellness practices are important.

August has been picked as “National Wellness Month.” As a brand committed to self-care and wellness , we are dropping some gems to help you enhance your well-being this summertime and in the coming months.

Why Wellness?

Wellness is an umbrella term encompassing your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial health. For example, you can be physically fit but have mental health issues, and vice versa. To ensure that you have all-around health, it is pivotal to embark on a well-planned self-care routine.

Self-care keeps every aspect of your life healthy and stable. When you adopt the right personal-care practices, your self-worth will increase, and you’ll be more equipped to take on the issues of life. With a better sense of self, you can turn a bad experience into an optimistic one.

Below are some simple and effective self-care strategies for optimum wellness;

Eat nutritious and nourishing meals regularly.

As you know the food we eat plays a pivotal role in our health care. Eating wholesome diets will keep our bodies healthy and nourished. Ensure to include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and heart-friendly oils in your diet. Cut back on empty carbs and sugars that affect your well-being and health. What I will say, sometimes for my own sanity I need to cut loose. The 80/20 rule works well for me. Eating well 80% of the time and 20% of the time I eat whatever appeals to me!

Stay committed to a fitness routine.

Exercising your body regularly is crucial for wellness. Exercise performs different functions such as reducing the risk of depression and anxiety, lowering blood clots, boosting blood flow, enhancing your physical abilities, and improving your self-esteem.

Map out time for yourself

Having some “Vitamin Me” is crucial for your health. It is essential that you create some time for yourself to unwind and unpack your mind. Take control of your happiness and reduce stressors. Always plan some “me time” to pay proper attention to your mental, physical, and emotional health. Your soul will thank you for carving out that time.

Go on a digital detox.

Go on a technology-free break and allow yourself to unburden the load of the electronic world. If you take some time to unplug digitally, you’ll notice your sleep patterns have improved. In addition, a digital detox can alleviate depression and help kick stress to the curb.

Set boundaries and learn to say no.

To enhance your well-being, you need to learn to say “No.” Defining boundaries has so many benefits; it boosts your mental and emotional health. It prevents burnout and helps you attain a stronger sense of identity.

Practice Yoga 

Yoga boosts your brain’s function, improves physical health, increases flexibility, eliminates inflammation, and promotes better rest. Occasionally, you should add some yogic exercises to your routine to enhance your health.

Keep a healthy support system.

Your social relationships can either harm or enhance your mental health. According to the American Bar Association, a healthy support system will increase your quality of life, help you de-stress, and fight depression. Developing strong bonds with family, friends, or members of your church, workplace, or designated support groups will augment your psychological health and well-being.

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