How to Help Houston

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. The links below will give you a good base of some really great and worthy organizations you can donate to help the people in the Houston area. 


Save the Children

The Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Heart to Heart International

Star of Hope is in Houston

Donate to a Food Bank

Feeding Texas

Houston Food Bank

Donate for diapers

Texas Diaper Bank : they are also putting together relief kits for families with young children.

Animal Shelter/Rescue Groups

San Antonio Humane Society

Dallas Animal Services

The Humane Society

Donate Blood

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

Carter Blood Care

If you are like me you’ve been watching the news in pure disbelief. What a horrible tragedy this is and it’s not over. To hear these stories of people and children trapped in their homes with the water still rising around them is just a pure nightmare.

I was able to speak to my father yesterday who is in the Houston area (and doing good.) The emotion in his voice talking about friends that have lost everything is just heartbreaking. He gave me a great contact to a church called the First Baptist in Huffman which is just northeast of Houston. I’ve emailed with the deacon directly and this is some things on their wishlist:

Gently-worn clothes

Bottled water

Hand sanitizer

Mobile showers

Here is their address:

First Baptist Church Huffman

25503 FM 2100 Huffman, TX 77336


Amazon makes life so easy for us. Donate what you can because anything will help someone that has lost everything.

Thank you to all the first responders and the good samaritans that are out there risking their own lives help and save others.


I’m praying for Texas


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