How to Manage Working from Home with Kids During a Pandemic

Remote working parents, how are you holding up?

Many people have switched to working from home during this pandemic. A big adjustment, for sure, but it’s a whole different ball game for those with children – especially single parents. I come from a single parent household and I have no clue how my mom would had been able to work while I was at home, schooling.

Between working and keeping living spaces in order, parents also need to make sure their kids are learning and doing their schoolwork . That’s like juggling three full-time jobs. On top of everything, families still need to spend quality bonding time together. It’s not easy.

How do you make time for all that? I’ve put together a few helpful tips below.

Working from Home During COVID-19 is Hard for Everyone

The good news: Everyone is struggling. It’s not just you. Some cold comfort for you.

It’s okay not to be the “perfect parent” when you’re working from home with kids during a pandemic. Please pat yourself on the back for keeping your household running during what should be an impossible situation.

3 Quick Tips for Remote Working Parents

Here are some things you can do to ease the day-to-day stress of working from home with kids.

1. Create a Daily Plan That Everyone Can View

When remote working parents or remote learning kids are interrupted constantly, they’re less productive and less focused. It may take longer for parents to finish up work or for children to get through their schoolwork.

Parents and kids alike should get together and draw up a schedule that works for everyone. You may also include locations for the scheduled blocks to maximize the use of space if you have a small home.

2. Schedule Breaks Between Blocks of Productivity

You can’t expect to be a superhero and do everything all at once. Multitasking reduces your ability to concentrate and focus , which can lead to mistakes.

In between Zoom meetings and online classes, you can pencil in hour-long breaks for everyone. What everyone chooses to do is up to them: hang out together, check in on each other, or spend quality time alone.

Use at least one of your breaks to practice self-care. Don’t think of work or parenting, even if it’s just for an hour each day.

3. Set Up a Workspace That’s Off-Limits to Kids

One of the hardest things to do when you’re working from home with kids is to separate your job from your home life.

If you can, set up a home office and designate it as a kid-free zone. I know children can be hard to refuse when they come around wanting to play. However, you need to teach them to respect your work – the same way you give them space to do their homework.

When you have a door to close or an area that’s off-limits to everyone but you, it’s also easier to disengage from your work once you’re done.

Bottom Line: Enjoy Working from Home with Kids & Give Yourself a Break

Again, this is hard for everyone and it’s perfectly normal to have off days.

If you’re putting food on the table, encouraging your child to learn and participate in online classes, and keeping your household pandemic-free – that’s already more than what you were doing even just a year ago. Good job!

Don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy the extra time you get to spend at home with your kids. This won’t be forever.

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