In-flight Must Haves…

During my modeling days I spent a good portion of that time traveling. I became a seasoned traveling connoisseur in the sense that I knew how to make my traveling experience as painless and pleasant as possible.

It began with learning how to pack as light as possible so I would never need to check in luggage, to my selection of movies I brought on board, books I wanted to read, to my in-flight beauty routine. Air travel actually became quite a pleasant experience for me because I had no choice but to make it that way. Roughly 90% of my job entailed me traveling and being away from home for long periods of time. Those were the days!

Last week I talked about how to get through the airport looking effortlessly chic . Today, let’s tackle what you should have with you on the plane. Even though we all might think we are breathing only recirculated air while in-flight, in fact it’s mixed with fresh air that gets pumped in from a compressor. So it’s not as germy as we might think. But there is no question that the cabin air is very dry and dehydrating and well, still a little germy 😉

Let’s first tackle my beauty routine on the flight:

Neutrogena Hydrating TowelettesI don’t like to travel with make-up on (hence why you need a good pair of sunnies) but if you do wear make-up, these hydrating towelettes are a great and convenient way to remove your make-up once you are on the plane.

Evian spray : I love facial sprays. It’s refreshing and hydrating. I use my Evian spray throughout my flight—about every 30 minutes I’m spraying my face.

Coconut facial mist spray :  This bumps up the hydration level and it always smells divine. And when you are on a plane, you really need some nice smells coming your way. Remember not to bring any liquids on-board that are more than 3 ounces or you will have to check it in and that’s not the point. This facial mist is 4 oz so I buy these little spray bottles to transfer the liquid over so it won’t be taken away at security.

Face oil : I’m crazy for this face oil. It’s hydrating and calming. Even though it’s an oil, my skin drinks it up so I don’t feel greasy. What I especially like is that it’s like having a bit of aromatherapy while airborne. It’s all about having a calming atmosphere for me when I’m traveling because it can be such a stressor.

Lip Balm : I take my lip balms very seriously. This was given to me for my birthday and I love it. But good ole Aquaphor does the trick too

There is no question that the cabin air is very dry and dehydrating and well, a little germy...

Jurlique hand cream : As I’m sanitizing and washing my hands a lot you need a nice hand cream to soften your hands and cuticles.

Water, water, water. It’s important to hydrate on the outside but just as important (if not more) to hydrate from the inside. Drink as much as you can. They say you should drink 8oz or more for every hour you are on the plane. You might want to ask for that isle seat 😉

Now moving on to keeping yourself protected from the germs:

Hand sanitizer : From going through the airport to being on-board, spray those hands!

Purell wipes : If you’re crazy like me, you’re wiping down the table and arm rails because I’m not 100% sure anyone else thought to do it prior to you getting on-board 😉

Airplane seat covers : If you want to go that extra mile in germ barrier prevention then get one of these! It’s like putting a pillowcase on your seat and makes your seat a little cozier but the truth is that germs from the flu and cold can live in upholstery for over a week! I didn’t know that until I read that little fact on 4 A Clean Getaway’s site .

Eboost : Before heading to the airport I mix one of these. It’s packed with vitamins to boost my immune system for the trip and not to mention my energy level to deal with the hustle of the airport. Once I’m about to land I mix up another one to increase my energy if the jet lag is setting in.

 My Misc. items…

Bose head phones :  I’ve used Bose headphones for years. They truly cancel out any background sound and that is a must. I like this new version because they are so compact and easy to keep in your carry-on than the bigger headphones they offer.

Pen & notebook : I come up with great ideas on the plane and a notebook and pen is vital.

Bach Rescue drops: I’ll take anything (natural that is) to help keep me in a Zen mode. I love Bach’s  natural sleep aid to help me get off to snooze land.

What are some of your favorite in-flight must haves?

Bon Voyage!



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