International Babywearing Week…

I couldn’t let International Babywearing Week pass without reposting something I wrote about baby wearing. I have such fond memories of wearing both my babies. Luckily I’m still able to wear Evelyn. Now that she’s 17 months she is really loving  Sakura Blooms slings  as do I. She’s much happier to be on my hip and see what’s happening in all directions! Happy Baby Wearing…..

I stopped  breastfeeding  Evelyn when she was 3.5 months. So I’ve had to find other ways to get my up close and personal time in with her especially now since she is on the move. Having breastfed Mabel till over the age of two and co-sleeping with her, I really got my fair share of that precious cuddle time in. That wasn’t the route I was able to take with my second so I started to get serious about babywearing.

When Evelyn was a newborn I was introduced to the  Baby K’Tan , which I really loved. It helped with her reflux and settling her during the witching hour. Also, I could have two hands free and readily available for my then two year old. Now that Evelyn is older I’ve gone back to my old faithful. The  Ergo . She faces inwards (belly to belly) and I get to kiss and snuggle her as much as I like even when I can tell she’s getting a bit annoyed by it. I can’t help myself! Don’t you just want to eat them up?!

I think its trial and error when it comes to finding the one that works best for you...

There are so many terrific baby carriers on the market these days. From  Sakura Blooms ring slings  to stretching wraps to Mei Tai’s. I think its trial and error when it comes to finding the one that works best for you. But as our friend’s grandmother said “There’s a cup for every saucer.”

Here’s  a site  I found that gives plenty of information on babywearing and all the different types of carriers.

What is your favorite baby carrier? And for the mom’s with busy babies how do you get your cuddle time in?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx


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Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

Wow, these “old” pictures really show how much the girls have grown and changed. This time is so precious and it goes by so fast. I realize this is not news to you; just glad you repeated this info about ways to keep your baby close for as long as you can.

Eileen Sinclair says:

I loved my baby wearing time,my youngest is 37 years old and when an infant he was belly to belly,but when slightly older faced outward to see the wonderful world he lives in, now a days I blame him for the lower back pain I suffer from but don’t regret a minute it is a magical time .

Amy Q says:

I loved the solly baby wrap for the newborn stage- it’s light, comfortable, and comes in great colors. For the bigger babes I love the Ergo- it’s so snuggly and I can wear still wear my 15 month old comfortably with no back pain- (he’s a peanut though). My husband likes the baby Bjorn so baby can face out. I like this too- but find my back stats to hurt pretty quickly when I’m wearing it. Already starting to get a little sad that my baby-wearing days may be over soon. Sniff. Oh, and I have an Evelyn too- we call her Evie (eh-vee) most of the time. Lovely name choice! And so sweet with Mabel.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Yes! I found any carrier that I tried when the baby was facing out me back would ache. That’s why I loved the Ergo. Just worked best for my body type. But now I’m a huge fan of the sling. I find it very supporting.
Indeed great name choice! :):):)

Elizabeth says:

I have so many carriers and I’ve used them all to some degree. Right now I’m enjoying the dolcino ring sling for walking around the house or taking the dog out. I love the Ergo for longer walks and my back never aches. I have a baby bjorn that my husband uses because it’s structured and easy for him. I used the baby k’tan for going to and from the car with bags, etc. because it’s so fast to get on. I used the moby wrap when she was a newborn because it was easy to get a good fit. With all of these I used YouTube tutorials to practice. I have a mei tai that I have yet to use but now that my babe is about 15 lbs it’s probably a good time. I keep one in the stroller too just in case she gets fussy when we’re out and about (something about Target, she wants out of the stroller!) If I only bought two I would definitely go with the ergo first and the ring sling second.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Wow you’ve tried them all! You should have wrote this post!
I agree that when I wear the Ergo it’s so much better on my back too. But the ring sling is a great option for me too :):) Thanks for your comments xx

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