Love Is In The Air…

My husband has been traveling back and forth from our family home a lot these days because he’s been working in Manhattan. Knowing his bags were packed and by the front door, our kids and I would sneak a painting that the girls had worked on for him or I would place a little note in his suitcases, so when he opened them up in the City, he’d find these little surprises awaiting him–I know they would put a smile on his face.

When I was a kid in school, my mom always wrote a little something on the paper napkin she’d placed in my lunch box, always with just a simple message: “Mommy loves you,” or “Don’t forget to eat your carrots!” Something along those lines. I was obviously very young, but I still remember it clear as day and it would always bring a smile to my face.

I got to thinking about these simple, but powerful acts of love and wondered what my kids and I could do to bring a smile to someone’s face whom we might not actually know. It’s Valentine’s week after all, and well, love is in the air…

He’d find these little surprises awaiting him--I know they would put a smile on his face...

Life gets so busy and all of us are guilty of getting caught up that it’s easy to forget about others. I got to thinking about the concept of random acts of kindness—nothing calculated, just doing something good for someone else with no expectations.

A few of these came to mind, which I’m sure you’ve likely heard of such as paying someone’s toll who’s driving behind you. Saying hello to a complete stranger you pass on the street. Paying a compliment to a stranger. So easy, but so meaningful.

I came up with an idea, thinking it was pretty original, which in fact has been previously done. My “idea” is to randomly place hearts around town. Now this grand idea could go one of two ways–the person finding this heart would hopefully feel touched, hopeful and put a smile on his/her face, OR they might feel they were being stalked. Seeing that this is coming from a good place on my end, I’m trying to not focus on the “stalking” option. Eek. I think my girls will get a kick out of placing these hearts around town.

Off to Target we went and came across these cute little hearts . I thought we’d start in our neighborhood by taking a nice walk while placing one heart in a mailbox, on the windshield of a car, on the seat of a bike that was chained to a pole. And the options are endless. I also realized this teaches the girls how important it is to care for others and hopefully will translate into them growing up to be very giving and caring adults.

Have you ever done a random act of kindness with a twist? What was it?

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day.


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

P.S. The picture shown is Mabel putting hearts in our neighbors mailbox. You want to hear the excitement in her giggles! Just that alone made my heart sing.

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Nancy says:

What a sweet idea…..

kc says:

Lovely and so simple. Mostly love that it hopefully shows children about the act of caring for others. Setting these values early with something so simple is awesome.

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