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I’m a jean fanatic. I dress them up I dress them down. Back in the day (before kids) I used to only wear low-rise denim. They fit my body type just right. But having had two kids, my body type has most definitely changed!

After having Evelyn it took a year to get back to my size. I was so excited to finally be able to squeeze back into my low-rise jeans.  And well… yikes! I had to do that “cover-the-muffin-top” number whenever I sat down, not good! And quite honestly, I just wasn’t comfortable anymore. It was time to retire the low-risers (and bikinis for that matter,) ASAP.

High-waisted mom jeans were never on my roster of clothing items until my friend, who happens to also be the most amazing stylist, Amanda Reno , turned me on to some great high-waisted options that aren’t like those mom jeans from back in the 80s! The fact is, high-waisted has become all the rage. And I think they are so comfortable, it’s all I wear now. They just provide the right amount of support in all the “right” places and still look cool.

Here are some great high-waisted jean options you might consider…

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Kerry says:

Thanks, Emma! I need to update my jeans options and will definitely check these out. I am tired of “ankle” jeans looking like clam diggers on me. I think you said some great brands that had longer inseams (ankle or otherwise) were CoH, Frame, Rag and Bone, and… I’m forgetting the last. Can you remind me?
Always love your posts! Thanks for the fun ideas! xo

sandra valeri says:

Thanks Emma…you’ve inspired me to do some shopping!!

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