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Mommy Brain is not only real, it’s a condition. The good news, it can be treated. I’m in the midst of working on mine and thankfully seeing a positive shift as my memory loss and brain fog are at an all time high. It’s become pretty alarming to me since the birth of Evelyn that I had to talk to my friend and nutritionist for the past 5 years Debra Delson (who is a mother of two) to help me get a handle on what’s going on (or not going on) in my head.

Here are some pointers from Debra:

The good news, mommy brain can be treated...
  • Now that you are constantly thinking about your children on top of everything else, plus, plus… you have to support your brain differently.
  • Exercise your left and right brain. Download the app  Luminosity or any other brain teaser app. Do it every night after the kids are asleep. The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised to prevent degeneration. Especially when overloaded.
  • Regular exercise is very important to flow oxygen to the brain cells. Studies show that regular exercise lessens brain disease.
  • Taking Essential Fatty Acids from fish and plant oils are very beneficial as well as eating a variety of healthy fats each day – avocado, wild Salmon, olive oil, and olives. Raw nuts like almond, cashews, seeds and walnuts. Coconut oils, Flax oil and nut butters.
  • This is why supplementation and eating right is so important. Each nerve synapse in our brain is covered in a fatty myelin sheath, which protects it. This sensitive sheath can dry up information transmitters which then won’t pass across our nerves synapse very well, causing us to feel anxious, depressed and sometimes even volatile.
  • Estrogen imbalances can also create brain fog and memory issues that can be easily checked by a simple blood or saliva test.


I hope this information provides some clarity and helpfulness. It’s sure helped me. I’m keeping  fingers crossed that I go back to being as sharp as a knife soon!

Did you notice your Mommy Brain come on stronger after the birth of your second child like I did?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Summer says:

I’ve noticed with the new baby way more fog than with my older two. I’m also 38 so I’m not sure what’s mommy brain or getting older brain. I’ve been researching also and trying to find a good food/supplement balance to try to help. In the meantime I think sleep would help a lot but I’m not going to see that happen consistently any time soon!

Emma Heming Willis says:

That’s a big part of it! Sleep!! But since we aren’t getting that….There are ways to boost and help xxx

izabela hadaś says:

Dean Emma☺
Myślę że trzeba odpocząć od codzienności praca,dom,dzieci.
Bo nasz mózg też potrzebuje nabrać sił do dalszego działania.
Jak ja to robię?
Raz na jakiś czas tylko na wieczór zostawiam dzieci u mamy , szykuję w domu sama ale sama( żadne tam restauracje)kolację, proste dobre dania i spędzam miły wieczór z mężem.tylko on i ja.I co słyszę?Nic zupełnie nic.Twój mózg zaczyna odpoczywać,”ładuje się ”
A rano tęsknisz za tym wszystkim ale masz wtedy dużo siły.
Odpocznijcie razem tylko w domu sami wyciszcie się a zobaczysz jak tęsknisz za tą codziennością.
Przesyłam dużo miłości z mojego domu do twojego☺

Emma Heming Willis says:

Myślę, że sam czas jest bardzo ważny . Ważne jest, aby starać i dbać o siebie też. I scheudle się, by iść na siłownię co drugi dzień. To naprawdę pomaga tylko skupić się na sobie, czasem xx

izabela hadaś says:

Dear emma☺
Masz rację trzeba dbać o siebie o zdrowie co jemy jak żyjemy.Ty masz trochę gorzej niż ja ponieważ jesteś oceniana przez fanów,dziennikarzy ale dla mnie jesteś piękna nie tylko zewnętrznie ale to jaka jesteś.Myślę że masz dobre serce i spokojne.Bądź jaka jesteś I nie pozwól aby inni to zmienili .
Ciekawe te luminosity☺zobaczę co to?

Wendy R says:

Hi Emma – great post. One thing I really like about your posts is the sharing of information that is common to a lot of Mummys but not necessarily talked about. It reassures me that what I’m feeling is normal! My brain go so foggy that I had myself tested for Alzheimer’s… Fortunately it wasn’t anywhere near that, but the treatment of what I was experiences was to slow down, breathe and be kind to myself. thanks for sharing x

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