Nap-A-ByeBye Baby…

My almost 3-year-old Mabel has dropped her final nap. So what an interesting week it’s been! I’m a bit dumbfounded by the whole thing to tell the truth. Naps have been such a consistent theme (and struggle) in our lives for so long and now that’s it? It’s just gone? Now, what happens between the hours of 1:30 to 3:30pm?

So the good news (or bad) is I’m starting to slowly wrap my head around moving Mabel to a big girl bed. But I know my daughter, and I have a feeling she’ll be in her big parents bed every night. Or possibly make a middle of the night visit to her baby sister. Or, gosh, who knows what else she’ll get up to. The possibilities are endless! But I’m going to think the worst and be pleasantly surprised.

I’m a bit dumbfounded by the whole thing to tell the truth...

I would love to write more but I normally write during Mabel’s nap time …. Talk about having to regroup!

What did you do with your child once that nap was dropped? Was there a “rest time” put into place or does play just continue?

What are some tips from transitioning from crib to bed?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Kara says:

I have a 2 year old turning 3 in March and a 17 month old. I try to put them both down in the afternoon but recently my older son stopped napping in the afternoon. At first, I was disappointed because this is the only time of the day that I have to catch up on “admin” but now I’m using the time to really spend one on one time with him. It’s the only time of the day that is really his. He’ll be starting school in the mornings next year for five days a week so I know this is our last year together. As for sleeping, we put our kids in the same room when my daughter turned one. They both love it and I think they help each other sleep. My daughter doesn’t have the same sleep issues that my son had and I think it’s because they keep each other company. Giving them each other is the best thing I could have done. Sharing is their biggest issue. Good luck.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thanks for your post Kara. I find that so fascinating when I hear of siblings sharing rooms. I know it happens all the time. And lucky we have the space where my kids can have their own rooms. Because of Mabel’s sleep issues (ongoing) I think it would have been impossible to Evelyn to sleep if they slept in the same room!!

Julia-Selina says:

OOhhhhh … What a sweet picture. ^_^

Hm … I would say, let Mabel search for their new bed itself, maybe it will be easier for them and for you both. That would be my tip. ^_^

Kiss and Hugs Julia

Emma Heming Willis says:

Yes I think she would love to pick out her own bed :):)

carli says:

Hi Emma,
My son dropped His nap at around the age of 1,1/2 and at first i thought what on earth do i do now,no time at all to have that quiet time to myself but as it turned out it was better for me because we could go out and play without having to rush home for the nap.
with regards to the bed,Theo was in a cot bed so i took the sides off the cot and it looked just like a small bed to which i added the little safety rail. I was so scared he would fall out i had so many pillows in the floor but he never did fall out or get out to come and find me.I think the grown up bed was a goodstep for him as he got a big boy quilt, i.e spiderman so he relished in being grown up.
All these things are more of a worry to mums than the kids because we just jump to all the things that could go wrong.
ive just found out that i am having baby number 2 so im sure ill be going through this again
keep up the blogging as its nice to know we all have the same questions/fears xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Congrats on #2! You’ll see how each child and experience is SO different. It’s wild. For me it was like being a first time mom again when Evelyn was born.
I think I’m making a bigger deal about than I need to. It’s just going to be another phase that we’ll just go through and all will of course be fine and work itself out as it always does 🙂

carli says:

Forgot to say u might find that dropping the nap and moving mabel to a big bed will work out just right because she may be too tired from the no nap time to stress about a new bed, you may find she sleeps better than you think xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

I agree. Even though this child has SO much energy even at the end of the night. It’s unreal

Audrey says:

Hello fellow moms. 🙂
The big girl bed comes with new responsibilities… such as making the bed when we get up in the morning. Perfect time to instill new responsibilities and boundaries :). Thomas helped take his crib apart and that prepared him for his new bed.
Quiet time instead of nap time is a fantastic idea…. find a quiet spot even in her room where she has items in place to set her up for success…books and other non technology based items. Set a time for quiet time. I always worry that kids are interacting so much with everything but don’t manage well on their own because they have constant interaction. At this point my kids have alone time and when I check in on my girl (too quiet) she will be playing with her dolls. Structured alone time helps build healthy habits and independence. I often look to what the future looks like based on today’s choices. When my daughter needed changes or boundaries (she came to me at 4) I made her charts. Manners, making her bed…. she learned quickly what was expected of her. Worked well for us… who knows :). Love the idea of letting Mabel help change her bed and maybe help pick out her bedding. Time to update to big girl status! How exciting!

Roxanne says:

Hi Moms! I agree with Audrey on the quiet time. When my kids outgrew their nap times I bought mats that they could lay on they while they listened read along books. It grew into great habits for them and myself because we all would take time to chill with a book. I did find that after a bit both of my boys slept better at night because they were tired out without a afternoon nap. Hopefully Mabel will do the same. Happy bed hunting!!! 🙂

Marie says:

(Excuse my english cause I am french). Boys of two boys of 3 and 1, I am going through the same issues.
Getting in a big boy bed was a very good step for my older. He thought that we are not considering him as a baby anymore so his sleep began smooth and easy. Try to tell her that she is a big girl now and she can go in her bed alone.
It really worked here! Good luck.

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