National Play-Doh Day…

We take Play-Doh pretty serious around here. It’s a great pass time for Mabel, if not one of her favorite hobbies. And now Evelyn can get involved since she’s not trying to put it in her mouth anymore ! Plus anything that Mabel is doing you bet her little sister wants to get in on the action as well. So in honor of National Play-Doh Day (yes there is a day for that) I’m passing on a recipe that one of my readers had sent me to try. The outcome? Great! The only thing I did was add some natural coloring using  Turmeric . Thank you Reka from Hungary!! Here’s how I did it starting with making the coloring first..



Naturally Colored Yellow Water

2 Cups of Water

4 Tablespoons Turmeric

Place ingredients into small saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Let cool before adding to Doh recipe.

We take Playdoh pretty serious around here...
Naturally Colored Play-Doh

1 Cup flour

Half Cup Salt

1 Tablespoon Cooking Oil (we used vegetable oil but you could use any oil you have, even olive oil will do)

1 Cup Turmeric Colored Water

Combine all ingredients into the pot of the yellow water mixture, stirring on low heat.  It will start out having the texture of mashed potatoes. Keep stirring! It will begin to thicken and when it starts pulling away from the sides and making a big clump in the middle, remove from the heat.  Let cool until you are able to handle the mixture. Should easily form into a ball and then place in an airtight container. If it’s too sticky to form into a ball, you need to cook it a bit longer.

Happy Play-Doh Day!!


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