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It wasn’t till I was pregnant with my first child Mabel that I really started to pay close attention to the ingredients in my skincare. Given that our skin is our biggest organ and whatever we apply on the surface gets absorbed into our bloodstream, I was worried about what I was applying to my skin while I was pregnant. It was the catalyst to the creation of a natural and safe product for moms-to-be, CocoBaba . I ended up using coconut oil through both of my pregnancies. So when it came to the creation of my skincare line, I knew I had to base it around the ingredient. Because 1. It’s natural and 2. It’s effective.

We’ve been so conditioned to think that “natural” means it might not be as efficacious. It’s not the truth. I’ve changed my whole outlook on skincare and skincare routine now to using and trusting natural products and I finally feel I’m doing something that is actually healthy for my skin!

Here’s a list of some great natural products I’ve been using and with which I have seen great results:

Lumion Skin : I was a fan of this brand just by reading their packaging (image below!) They are natural and sans alcohol, parabens, fragrance, phthalate, sulfates, gluten, and dye. After I wash my face, I’ve been spraying their Oxygen Mist with HOCL and using it as my toner. It’s so refreshing and I feel my skin being replenished with each spray. After that I use their Oxygen Serum with HOCL that gives me that double dose of oxygen that I’ve been loving. During the day, if I need to be refreshed or set my make-up I keep the Oxygen Mist on hand. What is HOCL? “Hypochlorous acid is an infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body. Hypochlorous acid has been known to reverse markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors, fight bacteria and cleanse the skin. As an antimicrobial and antiviral, hypochlorous acid stimulates healing by signaling oxygenation and epithelial knitting, while working to decrease scarring.”

Lumion's packaging!
I’ve changed my whole outlook on skincare and skincare routine now to using and trusting natural products and I finally feel I’m doing something that is actually healthy for my skin...

Skin Owl : I think we’ve all been burnt at least once, spending a small fortune on a product that never delivered its promise. So if the chemicals in the products weren’t going to work then I’m happy to give up on it and feed my skin good quality ingredients! The founder of Skin Owl, Annie Tevelin wanted her clients to see results quick, like overnight.

I’ve been using their beauty drops as my daytime moisturizer. It replaces serums and moisturizer as your all-in-one face oil. I love it. I used to be frightened of face oils as I always felt they caused unwanted break-outs, but face oils have come a long way! It’s really what I use most of the time now. They also have this great body oil that gives you a rose gold glow. Perfect for those warm summer days and nights to bare your skin!

Beauti Skincare : Beauti was created “out of a need for highly efficient skincare without irritants and unnecessary chemicals, just pure nutrition with proven actives to deliver results.” Works for me! Their Beauty Sleep Elixir not only feels luxurious when I apply it in the evening but it smells heavenly and I find it perfectly calming to tuck into bed with. My skin feels so hydrated and has this glow when I wake up. This is great because with two small kids at home who love to wake up early, I need all the help I can get!

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El says:

What would work well in aging skin to tighten it.

Emma Heming Willis says:

Check out this post I did. There are some great facial tools on the market that you can use at home for tightening:

laura fuller says:

Hi Emma,
I posted a bit ago on your sunscreen post…now Iam wondering if you use and can suggest a reef safe sunscreen? Several out there. We are taking our girls Reagan &Karly to Hawaii (1st time ever for our excited) and plan to snorkel and spend lots of time in the ocean. Thnks, Laura frm Portland

Emma Heming Willis says:

Have you tried Beauty Counter?? I like their sunscreens.

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