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I’ve talked about my beautiful “spirited child” Mabel before. That dig-her-heels-in kind of mentality. And mind you she’s just shy of her third birthday. So yeah, I know what I’m working with.

We’ve gone with the ebbs and flows of her terrible twos. Some bad moments sprinkled with countless great days. And just when we thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, new power struggles have come up. The latest being Mabel not wanting to put her PJ’s and night-time undies on. Now I know this might sound silly to most but when you’ve approached the end of the day, you want your child to put on her PJ’s and GO TO BED.

You’ve heard countless times from other parents about how fast the time goes when you have kids. You blink your eyes and they’re walking, talking, they’re heading to school etc. etc. But dare I say there have been many times in the past three years when I’ve felt that clock has been ticking slowly. That a childhood phase we were in (or still in) just couldn’t come and go fast enough.

The things that tested me the most are the phases I look back on and miss...

Other past examples. Mabel not being able to sleep if I wasn’t in bed with her, nursing her to sleep. So that meant for Every nap and Every bedtime and all through the night. Not to mention all the other sleep issues that set off. Or, both my kids spitting up like crazy the first 9 months. They lived in bibs and me changing their clothes (and mine) constantly. Mabel dangerously trying to crawl out of her crib. Or Evelyn waking up (still) during the nights. You know what I mean. The things that put you to the test and even have you question yourself as a parent.

So the point of all this is that I’m trying to remind myself to stay in the moment and enjoy every phase. Even when it get’s really hard. Because the things that tested me the most are the phases I look back on and miss. All of these moments, good or bad, are phases. They grow out of them. So remind yourself that when you think you’re in the clear something else will surely pop up. Because let me tell you, I sure do miss being in bed with Mabel and nursing her all night long. And this time around with Evelyn I’m trying to savor it all because she could very well be the last baby we have.

Give yourself a pat on the back. As my husband would say, “You’re doing great.”

From my home to yours,


Emma xx

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carli says:

I am also in this phase emma and totally get it, theo dont want to get in the bath,then dont want to get out of it,then wont put his pjs on, and also the same in the morning with his clothes, it drives me maf because if he only understood that if he got dressed when i said he could have more time to play.
Like you said there seems to be one phase after another he never used to eat well and bed time routine was fine now its the otherway round, only this time being pregnant again makes it harder for me to get on the floor to try to dress him or get him out the bath when he wont get out.
i think ive learnt that we maybe need to slow down a little and almost get on their level so the rushing to get ready isnt the issue and that as we know soon it will be another phase to get our head around.
my next concern is how to split my time between theo and new baby without pushing theo away without realising it. Any tips on that? Xxxx

Kacee says:

Hi Emma from all the way in Sydney, Australia!
Love reading your blog and brings back memories of my boys (who are now 15 and 10!

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma! Isn’t it crazy how two kids from the same parents can be so different. You have the first one and you get some things figured out, then you have the second one only to find that the rules have changed and you don’t know as much as what you thought you did. Lol. It would be easier if we had a remote to fast forward through the tantrums and a repeat button for the things we say over and over. Then we could use the slow motion button for the times we never want to end. Mabel sounds alot like my granddaughter Kloe Who turned three in October. She is the light of my life. I look at her and I see my son over and over again. I would like to say that it gets easier as they get older, but I can tell you I can look back and say eveyday was worth it, even the days when i wanted to pull my hair out! My best advice to you is to hold on and enjoy the ride. It really does go by so fast. Thanks again Emma for sharing and giving us the opportunity to do the same. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Kacee says:

Hi Emma! Most of my comment on this blog post has disappeared and it only has the 1st paragraph! (I’m hopeless with tech stuff and social media haha!)
Anyway, I can’t remember all that I commented and just wanted to say your blog is great and can relate to so many! Reading about other Mums experiences reminds me of when my boys (who are 15 and 10 yrs old) were little and also makes me realise, where has the time gone!? Time flies when your having fun 🙂
Take care and thank you for sharing!
From Kacee all the way over in Sydney, Australia 🙂

K. Elizabeth @ says:

Over the last six years, I’ve definitely had to remind myself to savor the moments. And honestly, once the difficult phases pass, you end up looking back on them and realizing that they made you stronger and helped you to bond more with your kids somehow. It’s hard to appreciate your storms when you’re in the midst of them, but certainly take comfort in knowing you’re doing your best!

Emma Heming Willis says:

It’s so true. Thank you for sharing xxx

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